Buy Sell Magic Indicator for MetaTrader 4


4xPip Buy Sell Magic indicator is a technical indicator designed for MetaTrader 4 that employs advanced algorithms to accurately identify optimal buy and sell signals in the forex market.

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What is Buy and Sell Signals in Trading? Trading signals are like alarms that tell you when to buy or sell an asset or security in the stock and forex market. Also, they can help you decide when to adjust your investments or make new ones.

A buy signal means it’s a good time to buy an investment, either because of chart patterns or a trading system’s calculations. On the other hand, a sell signal is a sign that it’s time to sell an asset or security based on market analysis. Moreover, you can either automate the sell signal or use it as a cue to sell manually.

Why are Buy and Sell Signals Important in Trading?

There are numerous benefits to incorporating buy and sell signals from stock and forex markets. Buy and sell signals offer traders objectivity and efficiency, helping them avoid emotional decisions and spot trends or reversals. Also, these signals are derived from technical analysis tools that provide valuable entry and exit point suggestions, especially for beginners, and can even act as confirmation signals for experienced traders. Furthermore, this strategy facilitates capitalizing on short-term market shifts and potentially shielding against losses in downward trends.

The 4xPip Buy Sell Magic indicator for Metatrader 4 combines three indicators and a custom price action filter. It provides non-repaint arrows to signal when to buy and sell, along with suitable exit points. Also, it is ideal for both beginners and advanced traders. It uses green/red arrows for signals and dots to indicate stop-loss zones. Moreover, this indicator works best on lower time frames like M1, M5, M15, and M30 during the London and New York sessions when markets are volatile. Plus, it’s versatile, allowing Trading on any currency pair.

How to Trade with the MT4 Buy Sell Magic Indicator?

To trade with the Buy Sell Magic indicator MT4, follow these steps:

Buy Signal:

  1. Look for a green arrow, indicating a long or buy opportunity. A pop-up alert confirms the signal.
  2. Set your stop loss using the calculated value or just below the dotted line.
  3. Decide on your profit target, typically using a 3:1 reward ratio, or exit when a bearish signal appears.

Sell Signal:

  1. When a red arrow appears, it’s time to sell. Use the pop-up alert for confirmation.
  2. Place your stop loss using the provided value or just above the dotted line.
  3. Determine your profit target or exit when a buy signal appears.

The MT4 Buy Sell Magic indicator simplifies Trading with clear signals and predefined stop-loss levels.


  • Simple and Clear: Forget confusing charts! Buy Sell Magic indicator uses arrows to visually indicate buy and sell opportunities directly on your MT4 charts.
  • Non-Repainting Arrows: Unlike some indicators, Buy Sell Magic’s signals won’t change after the fact, giving you confidence in your analysis.
  • Stop-Loss Levels: The indicator suggests stop-loss levels based on support and resistance zones, helping you manage risk effectively.
  • Trade Alerts: Also, get notified of buy and sell signals with optional audible or visual alert notifications. It sends emails as alert notifications for buy-sell signals to inform traders of potential trading opportunities.
  • Multi-Indicator Powerhouse: Moreover, Buy Sell Magic combines the strengths of multiple indicators for a comprehensive market analysis.
  • Trend Master: It confidently identifies trends and potential reversals, allowing you to capitalize on market movements.
  • Timeframe Flexibility: Furthermore, it works seamlessly on any timeframe, from scalping to swing Trading, adapting to your trading style.
  • Currency Agnostic: This indicator is compatible with various currency pairs and timeframes, providing flexibility for traders to apply the indicator across different trading scenarios.
  • Accurate Buy and Sell Signals: Lastly, it utilizes advanced algorithms to generate precise buy and sell signals, enhancing trading decision-making.
  • Free Download: Also, it’s available for free download, making it accessible to traders without additional costs or subscriptions.


The 4xPip Buy Sell Magic indicator for MetaTrader 4 is a powerful tool designed to simplify trading decisions in the forex market. Also, combining three indicators and a custom price action filter provides clear buy and sell signals with non-repainting arrows and stop-loss zones. Available as a free download, it offers a cost-effective solution for traders seeking to optimize their trading strategies. Moreover, whether you’re a beginner exploring the forex market or an experienced trader looking to refine your approach, the Buy Sell Magic indicator offers a user-friendly and effective solution to enhance your trading experience. Finally, get your hands on this amazing tool now!

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  • SignalPeriod: Adjusts Period for calculating the signal.
  • ArrowPeriod: Adjusts the Arrow period to show the range of vertical marking.
  • SL_pips: Adjusts the value of stoploss
  • AlertON: True => shows the alert notification for buy-sell signals, False => does not show the alert notification for buy-sell signals
  • Email: sending of email notification True => sends Email as an alert notification for buy sell signals, False => does not send Email as an alert notification for buy sell signals


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