Custom Bots Development

Turn your manual strategy into an auto-trading bot so that it executes trades on your behalf. You can make money and spend time partying at the beach simultaneously.

The trader does not need to sit in front of lengthy boring charts, just install the bot, and it will make money for you. Autotrading saves you time and energy. You can spend time with your loved ones partying at the beach.
4xPip offers programming of custom MQL4, MQL5 bots and tradingview scripts. 4xPip has a team of highly qualified programmers with programming experience in developing 1000+ bots. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and on-time delivery. 4xPip offers the following custom bot services, Automation of manual strategy into auto trading bots EA, Turning indicators into auto trading bots EA, Tradingview to MT4, MT5 conversion, Programming of MetaTrader indicators MQL4, MQL5, Programming of MetaTrader EAs MQL4, MQL5, Creation of EA based on candlestick patterns, chart patterns, supply & demand, etc. Creation of EA based on built-in indicators, Trailing stop loss, Breakeven integration, Telegram integration, News integration, Alerts integration, Addition of Licensing system, Dashboard Scanners, Martingale strategy, hedging strategy, Grid trading

A trading bot is a computer program that is based on a trading strategy to analyze the market and place trades. He can observe, analyze, and react to the market just like humans do.

Kindly share your requirements along with your indicators and chart screenshots.

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Bots never get Tired, They Keep Working

Bots never get Tired, They Keep Working

Kindly share your requirements along with your indicators and chart screenshots.

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 50 files.

2023 Top Custom Trading Bots: Unleashing the Power of Automation

Trade Manager

A powerful EA for automating trades, optimizing execution with precise calculations, Risk management, and worry-free trading.

News Trading

An advanced Expert Advisor that fetches and displays Forex news events, pausing and resuming auto trading intelligently. It also captures sudden market moves and notifies traders of Price instability.

Dashboard Scanner

A robust bot for scanning market currencies and timeframes, generating Signals and Alerts based on specific criteria. It provides a centralized dashboard to display trading signals Buy/Sell.

Turning Indicators into Robots

Transform your MT4 and MT5 indicators into auto-trading EA robots that execute trades according to indicators, saving your time, effort, and energy.

MetaTrader to Telegram

Transform your Bot to send signals, notifications, and trade results from MT4 to Telegram Channel, ensuring your customers receive all the real-time updates on your trading activities.

Grid Based EAs

Our EAs utilize Grid Trading strategies like Martingale, Averaging, and Hedging, increasing profits, recovering losses, and managing risk in different market conditions.

Automation of TradingView scripts

We specialize in creating automatic trading bots from TradingView to MetaTrader, eliminating manual trade efforts. Expert Advisor opens Buy / Sell trades according to the TradingView chart.

Custom indicators Programming

We offer custom programming for MT4 and MT5 indicators according to your needs. Indicators make precise calculations, generate Alerts and draw Arrows, shapes, and lines on the chart.

CandleStick patterns

Enhance your Trading Strategy by identifying candlestick patterns to Capture consolidation, Trendy Markets, Reversals, and Continuation trends in the Financial markets.

License system

Implement a secure and efficient license system to protect your EA and indicators from unauthorized access. Sell your trading bot to customers and generate income on a subscription basis.

Drawdown limiters

Reduce your Drawdown with this intelligent MT4 / MT5 EA. Close potential trades on profit and limit losing trades during unfavorable market conditions. Play with Big Lots and Small Risk.

Trailing stop

Optimize your trade management with an intelligent trailing stoploss EA. Secure high profits by automatically trailing Stoploss according to the Market, so a trade closes with maximum gains.


Lock profits and eliminate the risk of loss with the BreakEven point EA. Automatically adjust the Stoploss to the Break-Even point, ensuring a risk-free trade that never goes into loss.

High Frequency Trading

Take advantage of lightning-fast trading opportunities with High Frequency Trading strategies. Execute trades at incredible speeds and catch market inefficiencies.

Divergence indicators

Identify divergence between price movements and technical indicators, such as MACD, RSI, ZigZag and Stochastic. Identify regular divergence, hidden divergence, bullish divergence and bearish divergence.

Multi timeframe

Analyze multiple timeframes simultaneously with MTF indicators and MTF EAs. Take confirmation from higher timeframes before trade execution.

Order Blocks & Breakouts

Spot order blocks and breakout levels to identify key areas of support and resistance. Improve your trade entries and exits with this valuable Trading Strategy.

NY London Asia Sessions

Stay informed about the market dynamics by tracking the forex trading sessions —in New York, London, and Asia. Understand how market activity and volatility change during different Market Sessions.

Web requests & APis

Integrate Web Requests and APIs into your trading bot EA to access real-time market data, News, and other valuable information. Exchange data between Server and MQL5 / MQL4.

Python integration

Seamlessly integrate Python programming language into your MetaTrader EAs. Leverage the power of Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence by integrating Python into MQL4 / MQL5 bots.

Artificial Intelligence

Integrate artificial intelligence and neural networks into your existing EAs to improve their efficiency. An AI Model once trained over a balanced dataset can yield outstanding results for the long-term.

Bollinger Bands

Integrate Bollinger Bands to depict price volatility and trend reversals. It identifies accurate sharp, and short-term trends. The upper / lower bands help traders to identify key Entry and Exit Areas.

Exponential Moving Averages

Leverage the power of Exponential Moving Average to identify Trends, Consolidation, potential Entry points, dynamic Support and Resistance levels. Moving Average is the basis of every Analysis.


Enhance your Trading by using MACD indicator. It is highly accurate to analyze Strength of Trend, Momentum, Length of Trend, Noise and Bullish / Bearish Market conditions.


Utilize the Stochastic oscillator to measure momentum and identify trend reversals. Focus on Price overBought and overSold areas to make accurate Buy / Sell decisions.