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The Martingale Forex EA is a powerful trading robot that guarantees 100% winning rate. It has an intelligent forex calculator to open every trade at the right opportunity so that every trade closes on Takeprofit. It even opens counter trades to recover your losses. If you are facing high drawdown problem, low profit rate or not enough success in trading then Martingale Forex EA is a perfect robot for you. Download it now to win every trading opportunity and live your life with freedom.

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The MT4 Martingale trading EA is a highly efficient robot for Forex traders. Furthermore, it purportedly turns each losing trade into a winning one, reducing the trader’s drawdown and executing precise trades based on market movements. Additionally, it employs counter trades to recover losses and groups trades to close together at a profit. Moreover, the EA conveniently displays the number of ongoing trades and their profits on the chart. It also allows users to adjust martingale inputs to match their risk tolerance. Additionally, with a centralized take profit level, it assures that all trades will close with a profit. Furthermore, 4xPip provides customization, enabling traders to share their strategies for tailored adjustments. Compatible with any broker, pair, and timeframe, users can easily install it on their chart for a supposedly loss-free trading experience.


Best Martingale Strategy Forex EA works on both buy and sell orders. Working for buy and sell orders is similar but in the opposite direction. It ensures to close trades in profits. ‘Martingale Orders’ represent the maximum martingale orders that will open after the initial order. Another parameter, ‘steps’, is the number of pips/points set according to the user’s preference. Every Martingale order opens after the market goes below/above those pips/points against the running order. These steps represent the grid spacing between orders.

Before each trade opens, the lot multiplier increases the lot size of the next Martingale order. Users can adjust the lot multiplier according to their choice. Additionally, there’s a centralized takeprofit that modifies itself based on the collective profit of all orders, ensuring the closure of the bucket of Martingale trades in profit. If the centralized takeprofit goes against the initial order open price or goes against the open price of more than one Martingale order, it will always remain in profit in accordance with the last Martingale order. In this way, if some of the orders close in loss, these losses will be covered by the centralized takeprofit.


  • Technical Analysis: The Martingale  EA computes technical analysis to open precise trades so that every trade closes on profit. It has a powerful lot management and Take profit management techniques to boost up your trading results.

  • Lotsize Management: The EA contains powerful order management that opens correct lotsize required for big wins against the market. You do not need to worry about the adjustment of lot size, just set an initial lot size and EA will do its magic.

  • Lot Multiplier: The traders can even specify either to use lot multiplier or lot increment for the martingale trades. You can adjust these parameters according to the risk you are taking.

  • Recovery Mechanism: If your trade is going into loss, do not worry the Martingale Strategy Grid EA opens counter trades to recover losses and minimizes drawdown. It follows Grid Trading methodology with low risk.

  • Martingale Phenomenon: The Martingale Forex EA recovers losses by increasing trade position. It opens every new trade by multiplying previous lot size with a multiplier. If you set an initial lot = 0.1 and multiplier = 2 then martingale lot size will be 0.1 -> 0.2 -> 0.4 -> 0.8. The Martingale EA continues to do so until the group of trades is closed together on the profit.

  • Centralized Takeprofit: The Forex EA has a centralized Take-Profit level that is precisely adjusted to close the group of martingale strategy trades into profit. The Take profit level changes as new positions open in the market, it is a great way to close the entire group of trades into profit and make big money. The MetaTrader EA automates this approach in forex and crypto trading.

  • Auto Adjustment of SL TP: If you are confused about setting the stop loss or take profit, just download this Martingale EA now and let it adjust the SL, and TP automatically. You will be amazed by its accuracy and consistency in making money.

  • Profit options: The Forex Martingale Grid EA MT4 offers two options to specify profit. 1: Profit based on US $$ Dollar. 2: Profit based on pips. The traders can choose any profit option to close trades.

  • Take Profit options: The Forex EA offers two options to specify centralized Take Profit. 1: Take Profit based on Pips. 2: Take Profit based on Atr. The traders can choose any take profit option according to their trading needs.

  • Time Filter: The martingale strategy EA offers a time filter for the traders so that they open initial trades within the specific time and days whenever they desire.

  • Display on chart: It displays the total number of running trades, profit of running trades, and EA direction on the chart. It also displays the history profit of all the closed trades.

  • Highly profitable EA: It has a 100% win rate, it is specially designed for those traders who are facing high drawdown problems, low-profit rates, or not enough success in trading.

  • Ability to work everywhere: It has the ability to work on all the currencies, all timeframes, even in news conditions and high fluctuations market. It’s a universal robot that does not care about market type, currency pair, or candles. It knows that its duty is to make money in every situation.

  • Recommended Broker: The Forex Martingale Grid EA with any broker and any type of account. As it’s a martingale EA so it’s recommended to operate it using enough money so that EA can open trades freely. If you have a small capital, do not worry you can sign up for a cents account where $100 becomes $10,000.

  • Martingale Settings: It provides you the opportunity to customize the settings for lot size, colors of dashboard, martingale multiplier, distance to open counter trades, Max trades, stopout percentage and much more.

  • Customization: We offer customization in this Forex EA, the Trade Entry criteria can be reprogrammed according to your preferences, just contact us and share your requirements with us.

  • Martingale Strategy in Manual Trading: 4xPip can also add martingale strategy into your own EA or you can use this MT4 EA along with your manual trading to minimize the drawdown and recover losses.

Profitable Robot:

The pure martingale EA is highly profitable, provided that you discover the right settings and run it with an adequate amount. Moreover, you can install this Grid EA on a chart, enabling you to make money and enjoy a party at the beach simultaneously.

Martingale Phenomenon:

The Forex EA provides a range of inputs, making it highly adaptable for all traders. Furthermore, users can adjust martingale inputs to align the robot’s behavior with their preferences. It offers parameters for modifying the martingale mode (lot multiplier or lot increment), Martingale distance, Max martingale trades, and stop out percentage. Moreover, it’s advisable to start with a small initial lot and narrow martingale distance on lower timeframes. For higher timeframes, a wider martingale distance is suitable. Additionally, if you have substantial capital, set the max martingale trades to 10; otherwise, 5 suffices. The stop out percentage helps establish a safety threshold. Despite its 100% profitability, it’s crucial to acknowledge the inherent risks. Traders can set a stopout percentage to halt operations if losses exceed a defined threshold.

Works tirelessly 24×7:

This Forex Martingale EA operates continuously until you remove it from the chart or disable the trading function. Moreover, it is an intelligent EA that demonstrates its prowess by yielding impressive results across various currency pairs. Notably, the timeframe is inconsequential for this robot as it operates in accordance with candle movements. Additionally, you have the choice of how to utilize a comprehensive range of martingale calculation settings. Furthermore, you can fine-tune the settings and identify the ones that offer the highest level of safety and stability.

Why Forex Martingale EA?

  • This EA has no any limits
  • Highly profitable
  • Powerful risk management
  • Lifetime license
  • Works with any timeframe
  • Works with any market
  • Friendly settings menu
  • Easy to set up
  • There are no restrictions
  • Updates available
  • Support 24/7
  • Best quality guaranteed

Important Note:

An important note to consider is that this EA primarily comprises fundamental features. However, we provide custom updates for all of our EAs. You can conveniently request a custom update, and we will readily reprogram the EA according to your requirements.


Attention traders! No need to fret over losses. Instead, download this Profitable EA now and trade with confidence. Furthermore, you will be astounded by the remarkable performance of this robot. Not only will it ensure accuracy and consistency, but it will also yield favorable results. While most martingale EAs entail high risk, this MT4 Expert Advisor comes with minimal risk, allowing you to retain full control over EA inputs. Moreover, it incorporates a stop-out feature to prevent the EA from steering towards losses. Additionally, you can either employ it as a standalone Expert Advisor or in conjunction with your manual trading activities. This approach can aid in minimizing drawdown during manual trading. Waste no time! Download it now, and let the party begin.

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  1. Lot Multiplier: A multiplier value that is used to increase the lot size of each new trade opened by the bot.
  2. Profit Type: A setting that determines whether the bot should close trades based on dollar ($) profit or pips profit.
  3. Profit in Pips: If the Profit Type is set to “Pips,” this setting specifies the number of pips at which the bot should close the trade.
  4. Profit in $: If the Profit Type is set to “Dollar,” this setting specifies the dollar amount at which the bot should close the trade.
  5. Distance (Pips): The distance (in pips) between the entry price of the current trade and the entry price of the next trade opened by the bot. This setting is used in a martingale strategy to recover losses by increasing the lot size of each subsequent trade.

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  1. Being risk-aware is crucial when using Martingale strategies. This EA can be a powerful tool for those who understand the concept of calculated risk.

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  2. Trading enthusiasts who love exploring diverse strategies may find this EA a valuable addition to their repertoire.

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  3. Drawdowns can be challenging. The Martingale Forex EA is a drawdown saver for traders who grasp its intricacies.

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  4. Martingale strategies can be a mastermind’s playground. This EA enhances your ability to execute them effectively.

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  5. As a risk optimizer, this EA has its merits. It’s all about optimizing your approach while understanding the associated risks.

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Q & A

What is best Martingale strategy in trading? Benjamin Nelson asked on October 9, 2023

Yes, 4xPip has programmed the best martingale EA using the high frequency patterns and advance technical analysis. Download it now to save the future of your trading.

Customer Support answered on October 9, 2023
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Does Martingale work in trading? Hannah Foster asked on October 9, 2023

Yes, martingale is very helpful in trading.

Customer Support answered on October 9, 2023
(0) (0)
Does it provide reverse martingale strategy option? Ethan Mitchell asked on October 9, 2023

The 4xPip EA standalone does not have a reverse martingale option, but you can contact us via telegram, Email or WhatsApp and we shall program the reverse martingale option for you at NO additional cost.

Customer Support answered on October 9, 2023
(0) (0)
Is anti martingale strategy helpful? Madison Martinez asked on October 9, 2023

The anti martingale strategy is only helpful in the trendy market, where traders try to get benefit from the trends. They open buy trades as price is going up and sell trades as price is going down.

Customer Support answered on October 9, 2023
(0) (0)
What is good martingale strategy in crypto? William Hall asked on October 9, 2023

In crypto, you should trade carefully as it’s a digital market that is greatly impacted by news events. The good martingale strategy in crypto is to purchase coins accurately. If your trades are losing, then you can buy more coins and wait for the price to increase. Once the price increases and the total profit of your purchase is in profit, you can sell all the coins together.

Customer Support answered on October 9, 2023
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