4xPip VWAP Bands Indicator with Alerts for MT4

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The VWAP Volume weighted Average Price Bands indicator is similar to the Moving Averages and Bollinger bands. In this indicator, more weight is given to the volume. It identifies the fair price, best entry, and best exit price to buy low and sell high.

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What is VWAP Bands Indicator? VWAP Volume Weighted Average Price Bands indicator works like Moving Averages and Bollinger bands. It focuses more on trading volume. Also, it helps see support and resistance levels on a chart and shows the fair value of a trading item. So, forex traders can spot good times to buy low and sell high. Moreover, traders can use fair value price alongside price action to find the best entry points, using extreme bands. Knowing fair value prices is important for any trader’s success.

Furthermore, the bands are lines added above/below the VWAP line, typically based on standard deviation (SD). Also, SD captures price’s usual fluctuation around VWAP. Moreover, wider bands suggest higher volatility, while narrower bands indicate lower volatility.

Alert is functionality that allows indicators to notify you when price touches specific levels. This can be VWAP line itself, upper or lower bands, or any other price level you define. Also, alerts can come in various forms like on-screen pop-ups, sound notifications, push notifications to your phone, or even emails.

VWAP vs Simple Moving Average:

The VWAP and SMA might seem alike on a chart, but they’re quite different. VWAP is found by multiplying the typical price by volume and then dividing by total volume.

SMA only considers price, ignoring volume. It’s calculated by adding up closing prices over a set time (like 10 days) and then dividing by the number of periods (10).

Importance of VWAP:

VWAP helps traders see the average price of a stock over time, considering how much was traded. Also, big traders use it to buy or sell without causing big price changes. For instance, a hedge fund might not want to buy above the VWAP to avoid making the price go up, or sell below it to avoid making the price go down.


\textual content {VWAP}=\frac {\sum\textual content {Price * Volume}} {\sum\textual content {Volume}}

VWAP=∑Volume∑Price * Volume​

How to Trade with VWAP Bands Indicator?

To get the best deal, buy when the price is very low and sell when it’s very high. Moreover, watch the price action around these extremes and confirm signals with the VWAP.

Beginner traders should understand what a fair price is for a trade and aim to buy low and sell high. More experienced traders can use the VWAP Bands Metatrader Indicator on different timeframes and take a top-down approach. By comparing the indicator values and the upper and lower bands’ positions, traders can plan profitable trades.

The indicator reacts more during high-volume trading sessions but less during other times. It’s useful for day traders, short-term, and long-term traders. Traders can download the indicator file for free.


Here are some features offered by VWAP Indicator:

  • VWAP Line: Displays the Volume-Weighted Average Price, a key indicator of buying and selling activity.
  • Standard Deviation Bands: Plot lines above and below the VWAP based on standard deviation, visually representing typical price fluctuations.
  • Number of Bands: Can be customized to display multiple bands (e.g., 1, 2, 3 standard deviations) for different volatility levels.
  • Band Width: The distance between the upper and lower bands reflects market volatility, with wider bands indicating higher volatility.
  • Price Alerts: Triggers notifications when the price crosses specific levels, including the VWAP line, upper or lower bands, or user-defined prices.
  • Alert Types: Customizable alerts can be pop-ups on your screen, sound notifications, mobile push notifications, or even emails.
  • Visual Customization: Ability to change the color, style, and thickness of the VWAP line, bands, and other visual elements of the indicator.
  • Compatibility: Designed for use on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform.


The VWAP Bands Indicator for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is a powerful tool that combines the principles of volume-weighted average price (VWAP) with standard deviation bands. Also, it aids traders in identifying fair price levels, potential entry and exit points, and overall market sentiment. Furthermore, by utilizing VWAP alongside price action, traders can make informed decisions and enhance their trading strategies. Lastly, the indicator offers customizable features, including multiple standard deviation bands, price alerts, and visual customization options, making it suitable for traders of all experience levels.

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  • Volume weighted average period (value = 20)
  • Price = options = {Open, Close, Low, High, Median, Typical, Weighted, Average, Trend Biased and Heiken Ashi} (value = Close Price)
  • Use real volume?
  • Deviation calculation type: options = {standard error, custom standard deviation with sample correction, custom standard deviation without sample correction}
  • First band(s) deviation (value = 1.0)
  • Second band(s) deviation (value = 2.0)
  • Third band(s) deviation (value = 3.0)
  • Alerts: On => will show alerts, Off => will not show alerts
  • Alerts on current (still opened) bar: On=> will show alerts on current bar, Off => will not show alerts on current bar
  • Alerts pop-up message: => On will show alerts as pop-up messages, Off => will not show alerts as pop-up messages
  • Alerts sound: On => will produce a sound for alerts, Off => will not produce a sound for alerts
  • Alerts push notification: On => will show alerts as a push notification, Off => will not show alerts as a push notification
  • Alerts send email: On => will send notifications as email, Off => will not send notifications as email


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Q & A

What is the significance of VWAP in trading? Charles Rodriguez asked on April 3, 2024

VWAP helps traders identify the average price of a security over a given period, considering trading volume. It is particularly useful for large traders to execute orders without significantly impacting prices.

Customer Support answered on April 3, 2024 store manager
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How does VWAP differ from Simple Moving Average (SMA)? Thomas Wilson asked on April 3, 2024

VWAP considers both price and volume, while SMA only considers price. VWAP is calculated by weighting prices by volume, providing a more nuanced view of market activity.

Customer Support answered on April 3, 2024 store manager
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