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The 4xPip Lucky Reversal Indicator for MT4 analyzes price movements and generates visual signals (arrows/lines) to identify potential trend reversals on your chosen timeframe.

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What is Trend Reversal in Trading? In market dynamics, a trend reversal occurs when the price direction of a security or asset shifts. For instance, if ICICI stock has been on an upward trend  for a week but begins to decline the next day, it indicates a trend reversal.

Price movements to new highs or lows trigger reversals, which persist in the market over time. Investors can monitor such patterns on current price charts, seeking confirmation from other indicators.

What is Lucky Reversal Indicator for MetaTrader 4?

Trendlines help identify reversals by tracking higher lows in an uptrend. When the price breaks below the trendline, it suggests a trend reversal. Spotting reversals isn’t always simple, so trend reversal indicators are used to make smarter trading decisions and enhance outcomes.

4xPip Lucky Reversal indicator uses technical analysis methods to analyze price movements and identify patterns that might suggest a change in trend direction. It looks at price changes to find when trends shift. It uses blue and red arrows along with wavy lines to mark support or resistance levels. Blue arrows mean the trend is up, red arrows mean it’s down. The white square indicates a potential temporary reversal as suggested by the indicator. This indicator helps traders know when to buy or sell, making it easier to catch profitable moves in the market.

It  is helpful for forex trend traders and especially beneficial for beginners due to its simple identification and arrow signals. It assists traders in spotting potential reversal points early, leading to favorable risk-reward ratios in trades.

How to Trade with Lucky Reversal Indicator MT4?

To trade with the Lucky reversal indicator MT4, follow these steps:

  • Look for a blue bullish arrow to appear for a buy trade, or a red arrow for a sell position.
  • Sometimes, a white square appears, indicating a likely reversal. This square remains in place as the price moves, changing to an uptrend or downtrend signal when a reversal is confirmed.
  • Use the wavy lines to exit trades or set stop losses. These lines define the cancellation of the trading signal.
  • Once the indicator draws its wavy lines, price rarely crosses over to the other side, which can help set stoploss.
  • Keep in mind that the indicator recalculates signals based on market movement, so be prepared to adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • The indicator may not always provide reversal arrows exactly at the swing high or low, so traders should be prepared to sacrifice some pips at the beginning of the trend.

Lucky Reversal Indicator MT4 with Moving Averages

To effectively use the Lucky reversal indicator MT4, it’s best to combine it with other trading tools like indicators or market structures. One strategy involves using it with Moving Averages (MA).

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Add the Lucky indicator and two moving averages to your chart. Keep one MA as it is, but change the period of the other MA to 20 and change its color for clarity. The default MA is the fast one, while the 20 MA is the slow one.
  2. Wait for the Lucky indicator to give a buy or sell signal.It may lag, so don’t trade solely based on its signals.
  3. When the Lucky indicator confirms an uptrend, look to buy only when the fast MA crosses over the slow MA upward. Avoid selling until the Lucky indicator changes from a blue to a red arrow.
  4. Conversely, when the Lucky indicator signals a downtrend, consider selling only when the fast MA crosses below the slow MA.


  • Trend Identification: Analyzes price movements to identify potential turning points in the market, indicating a possible trend reversal.
  • Signal Generation: The indicator displays clear visual signals (often arrows or lines) to alert you of a potential trend change. (Upward arrow for potential uptrend, Downward arrow for potential downtrend)
  • Simple and Clear Signals: The Lucky Reversal indicator focuses on providing easy-to-understand visual signals, reducing the need for complex analysis.
  • Multi-Timeframe Support: Analyze potential reversals on various timeframes (e.g., hourly, daily, weekly) to identify both short-term and long-term trend changes.
  • Early Warning System: The indicator can potentially provide early warnings of trend reversals, allowing you to adjust your trading positions accordingly. It predicts potential reversals with white squares, transitioning to buy or sell signals upon confirmation, facilitating Early Warning System.
  • Improves Trading Timing: By identifying potential turning points, you might be able to enter or exit trades at more opportune moments, potentially maximizing profits.
  • Easy to Use: The clear visual signals make the indicator suitable for both beginner and experienced traders.
  • Complements Other Strategies: It can be used alongside other trading strategies for a more well-rounded approach.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with various financial instruments, including stocks, forex, commodities, and indices, providing versatility in trading applications.
  • Alert Notifications: It sends alert notifications to traders when potential reversal signals are detected, ensuring they never miss out on trading opportunities.
  • Free Download: Available as a free download for MetaTrader 4 users, eliminating any financial barriers to access and enabling traders to benefit from its features at no cost.


In short, the Lucky Reversal indicator for MetaTrader 4 offers traders a powerful tool for identifying potential trend reversals in the market. With its clear visual signals and simple-to-understand interface, it provides both beginner and experienced traders with valuable insights into market dynamics. The indicator’s early warning system, alert notifications, and free availability for download make it a valuable asset in any trader’s toolkit. Download the 4xPip Lucky Reversal Indicator for MT4 today and explore the potential to enhance your trading experience!

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  • SRZZ: Adjusts SRZZ for Lucky Reversal indicator according to your need. It indicates the frequency of signals provided by the trend reversal indicator.


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Q & A

What is the reversal pattern strategy? Jasper Chen asked on May 19, 2024

Bullish reversal patterns emerge following a downtrend, characterized by an initial bearish candle succeeded by a significant bullish candle that engulfs the bearish one. The bullish engulfing candle's closure must exceed the high of the preceding candle.

Customer Support answered on May 19, 2024 store manager
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What is the reversal pattern indicator in MT4? Novah Lopez asked on May 19, 2024

The "Reversal patterns" technical indicator mathematically interprets classic reversal patterns such as Pin Bar, Harami, and Engulfing.

Customer Support answered on May 19, 2024 store manager
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