Keltner Channel indicator for MetaTrader 4

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The 4xPip Keltner Channel indicator MT4 is a volatility-based indicator that measures price movements using a combination of Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) and the Average True Range (ATR) indicator for plotting Keltner Channels.

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What is the Keltner Channel MT4 Indicator? The Keltner Channel is a tool for technical analysis that tracks price trends and identifies when an asset is overbought or oversold. It features three bands: an exponential moving average in the middle, with the upper and lower bands calculated from the average true range. Originating from Chester W. Keltner’s 1960 book “How to Make Money in Commodities,” its method was later refined by Linda Raschke in the 1980s. While it shares similarities with Bollinger Bands by having three lines, the Keltner Channel uses the Average True Range for its outer bands instead of standard deviations, offering a different perspective on market volatility.

Keltner Channel Trading Strategy:

Keltner Channels change size with the market’s volatility. When things are unpredictable and prices move a lot, the channels get wider. When the market is calm and prices don’t change much, the channels get narrower. This helps traders spot when trends might start, how strong a trend is, and when it might change direction. It helps traders to spot potential breakouts, trend strength, and trend reversals.

The 4xPip Keltner Channel indicator for MT4 identifies key trends by using a method similar to Envelopes and Bollinger Bands. However, it differs using the average true range instead of percentages or standard deviations. It doesn’t overreact to market movements at default settings, offering greater resistance to false breakouts. Typically, the upper band signals when the market might be overbought and likely to move downward, while the lower band indicates an oversold market that might move upward. Traders can adjust the settings to make it more or less sensitive to market changes.

Key Lines of Keltner Channels Indicator:

The Keltner Channels indicator for MT4 paints a clear picture on your charts using three key lines:

The Centerline: This line acts as a dynamic anchor, typically calculated as an Exponential Moving Average (EMA) of the security’s typical price (the average of high, low, and close prices).

The Upper Band: This line sits above the centerline, acting as a dynamic resistance zone. It’s derived by adding the Average True Range (ATR), a volatility measure, multiplied by a user-defined factor to the centerline value.

The Lower Band: Mirroring the upper band, this line positions itself below the centerline, functioning as a dynamic support zone. It’s calculated by subtracting the ATR multiplied by the same factor from the centerline value.

Formula for Keltner Channel Indicator MT4

Formula used for Keltner Channel indicator MT4 is as follows:

Middle Line: 20-day Exponential Moving Average.

Upper Channel Line: 20-day EMA + (2 x ATR(10))

Lower Channel Line: 20-day EMA – (2 x ATR(10)


ATR= Average True Range

EMA = Exponential Moving Average.

How to Trade with MT4 Keltner Channel Indicator?

The Keltner Channels indicator offers valuable insights for traders, but it’s important to understand how to translate those insights into actionable strategies. Here are some common approaches to consider:

  1.   Trend Following with Pullbacks:
    •   Identify the Trend: The slope of the Keltner Channels can reveal the trend. A channel angled upwards suggests an uptrend, while a downward angle indicates a downtrend.
    •   Spot Pullbacks: During an uptrend, look for price corrections that touch or come close to the middle line (EMA). This can be a potential buying opportunity. On the other hand, in a downtrend, watch for price spikes that touch or come close to the middle line, which could be a selling opportunity.
  1.   Trading Breakouts:
    •   Channel Expansion: Expanding Keltner Channels often precede strong trends. A breakout above the upper band in an uptrend or below the lower band in a downtrend can signal a continuation of the trend.
    •   Volatility Confirmation: Since Keltner Channels measure volatility, a breakout accompanied by a surge in volume can add confidence to the trade.
    •   Stop-loss Placement: Place a stop-loss order below the lower band for long or buy positions and above the upper band for short or sell positions to limit potential losses if the breakout fails.
  1.   Mean Reversion:
    •   Channel Contraction: A narrowing of the Keltner Channels suggests lower volatility. When the price reaches the upper or lower band in a constricted channel, it might be nearing a reversal and reverting towards the middle line (EMA).
    •   Price Action: Look for bullish reversal candlesticks (e.g., hammer, bullish engulfing) at the lower band, and bearish reversal candlesticks (e.g., shooting star, bearish engulfing) at the upper band to signal a potential reversal.
    •   Profit Target: Set realistic profit targets near the middle line (EMA) or use other technical indicators (like 4xPip Dynamic Support and Resistance Daily High Low – indicator for MT5 or Best MTF Support and Resistance indicator for MT4) to identify potential resistance or support zones for profit taking.


Following are some key features of MT4 Keltner Channel indicator:

  • Trend Identification: The Keltner Channel helps traders identify the direction of the trend by observing the slope and position of the middle line relative to the price action.
  • Volatility Measurement: By incorporating the ATR, the indicator adjusts to changes in market volatility, allowing traders to gauge the strength of price movements. The expanding and contracting nature of the channel reflects changes in volatility. A narrow channel suggests low volatility, while a wide channel suggests high volatility.
  • Support and Resistance Levels: The upper and lower bands serve as dynamic support and resistance levels, aiding traders in identifying potential reversal points or breakout opportunities.
  • Signal Generation: Breakouts above or below the channel boundaries can signal potential trading opportunities.
  • Adaptability: The Keltner Channel adapts to changes in market conditions, making it suitable for various trading environments and timeframes.
  • Clear Visual Representation: The indicator’s graphical representation on the price chart provides traders with a clear visual interpretation of market dynamics, facilitating decision-making.
  • Objective Analysis: By providing objective levels of support, resistance, and potential breakout points, the Keltner Channel helps traders make informed trading decisions based on empirical data rather than subjective analysis.
  • Period Length: Traders can adjust the period length of the middle line (SMA) and the multiplier for calculating the upper and lower bands to suit their trading preferences and market conditions.
  • Visualization Settings: The indicator offers customization options for line colors, styles, and thickness, allowing traders to personalize the visual representation of the Keltner Channel on their charts.
  • Free Download: Available as a free download for MT4 users, the Keltner Channel indicator offers traders a cost-effective tool to enhance their trading strategies without additional expenses.


In conclusion, the Keltner Channel indicator for MetaTrader 4 offers traders a powerful tool for analyzing price trends, identifying potential breakouts, and measuring market volatility. It utilizes the Average True Range (ATR) to calculate its upper and lower bands, giving traders a different perspective on market volatility. By leveraging the insights provided by the Keltner Channel, traders can improve their trading strategies and potentially achieve more consistent and profitable results in the dynamic financial markets. Download it for free today and experience the difference firsthand.

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  • Period: Adjusts period for Keltner Channel indicator MT4


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Q & A

How to day trade with Keltner Channels? Selah Patel asked on May 19, 2024

Should the price action breach above the band, traders ought to contemplate opening long positions and closing short ones. Conversely, if the price action breaches below the band, traders should contemplate initiating short positions and closing long or buy positions.

Customer Support answered on May 19, 2024 store manager
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What is the strategy of the Keltner Channel swing trading? Wren Mitchell asked on May 19, 2024

When the price surpasses the upper line of the Keltner Channel, the approach is to initiate a buy. Conversely, if the price breaches the lower line, the approach shifts to selling. Utilizing the Keltner Channel allows traders to leverage market volatility and trend orientation, enhancing their trading outcomes

Customer Support answered on May 19, 2024 store manager
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Are Keltner Channels better than Bollinger Bands? Ethan Carter asked on May 15, 2024

Keltner Channels offer a smoother experience compared to Bollinger Bands due to their reliance on the Average True Range (ATR) instead of the more volatile standard deviation. This feature is often regarded as advantageous as it maintains a consistent width over time.

Customer Support answered on May 15, 2024 store manager
(0) (0)
Is Keltner Channel leading or lagging? David Adams asked on May 15, 2024

The Keltner Channel provides strong signals for breakouts. Being a volatility-based indicator that lags, its breakout signals are more reliable and distinct.

Customer Support answered on May 15, 2024 store manager
(0) (0)
Is Keltner Channel strategy profitable? Sawyer Lewis asked on May 9, 2024

Keltner Channels can be applied across different markets, including stocks, forex, and commodities, making them a flexible tool for traders. The success of a trading strategy using Keltner Channels hinges on choosing the right settings.

Customer Support answered on May 9, 2024 store manager
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