Currency Strength Meter for MetaTrader 4

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4xPip Currency Strength Meter for MetaTrader 4 helps you identify strong and weak currencies in the Forex market, providing valuable insights for your trading decisions.

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What does Currency Mean in Trade? Currency trading, commonly known as foreign exchange or Forex, involves buying and selling currencies in the foreign exchange market to generate profits. This type of trading is often termed as Forex trading.

What is the Currency Strength Meter for MT4?

Currency Strength Meter is a technical tool used to assess the relative strength of currencies available on MT4, MT5, and other trading platforms. It can also be accessed online through various websites. Within the indicator’s window, financial instruments are shown in the lower-left corner, with their colors corresponding to the chart’s color scheme.

Currency Strength Meter operates by assessing the strength of different currencies relative to each other, utilizing predefined criteria like price changes, volatility, and market sentiment. It employs mathematical algorithms to calculate currency strength and presents the information in a user-friendly format.

Calculations of Currency Strength Meter:

The currency strength scale ranges from 0 to 100 vertically. In currency pairs like EUR/USD, the first currency mentioned (EUR) is the base currency, while the second one (USD) is the quote currency.

Real-time exchange rates are employed to measure the combined strength of currencies. Basic meters may not incorporate weighted calculations, while more advanced ones utilize their weighting factors.

The 4xPip Currency Strength Meter for MetaTrader 4 gathers Relative Strength Index (RSI) values from four selected instruments and shows them in the indicator window. Initially, using four charts might appear complex, but you can simplify by reducing the number of charts or adjusting their appearance. Additionally, you can customize colors and styles for each instrument and view colored labels for easy identification.

Ultimately, as you tailor and explore the indicator, you’ll become accustomed to it and quickly recognize the tangible advantages it offers within your trading strategy.

How to Trade with Currency Strength Meter?

There are various methods to use the currency strength meter in your trading, which all hinges on your personal trading strategy.

  • When trading in the direction of a trend, look for the strongest and weakest currency pair to identify the most significant trend. For range trading, select currencies with a slight strength difference.
  • The indicator doesn’t directly signal trade entries but offers insight into the market positioning of analyzed currency pairs.
  • A higher value on the chart, closer to 100, indicates a stronger base currency and a weaker quote currency, suggesting an upward trend. However, it’s wise to consider the overall market context. If the indicator indicates an upward trend but the price movement is weak, it’s better to wait for stronger buying conditions.
  • Similarly, when the chart approaches 0, the quote currency becomes stronger while the base currency weakens, indicating a downward trend.
  • Charts near 50 suggest that currency strengths are roughly equal, signaling no clear trend.
  • Higher timeframes reduce market noise, increasing the likelihood of profitable trades, although they offer fewer entry points. Conversely, lower timeframes may provide more entry points but may produce lower-quality signals due to higher volatility.


Here are some key features of the Currency Strength Meter indicator for MT4:

  • Real-Time Strength Comparison: Provides a real-time comparison of the strength of various currencies against each other, helping traders identify the strongest and weakest currencies at any given moment. Continuously monitors the market and updates the currency strength meter in real time.
  • Multi-Currency Analysis: Allows for simultaneous monitoring of multiple currency pairs, enabling traders to assess overall market sentiment and make informed trading decisions.
  • Customizable Calculations: Choose from various technical indicators (like RSI) to calculate currency strength based on your preference.
  • Strength Meter: Displays the strength of each currency visually, often using lines or numbers. Thresholds (like 80 for strong and 20 for weak) can help identify potential trading opportunities.
  • Multi-Timeframe Support: Analyze currency strength on different timeframes (e.g., hourly, daily, weekly) to understand short-term and long-term trends.
  • Trade Pair Suggestions: Based on the currency strength analysis, it recommends potential currency pairs to trade.
  • Alerts: Set up alerts to be notified when a currency strength reaches a certain level, helping you take advantage of trading opportunities.
  • Improved Trade Selection: By understanding currency strength, you can focus on trading opportunities where the stronger currency is likely to appreciate against the weaker one.
  • Filter Out Noise: Currency strength can help filter out market noise and identify underlying trends, potentially leading to more informed trading decisions.
  • Easy to Use: The visual display and intuitive interface make it easy to understand and use, even for beginner traders.
  • Free Download: Available as a free download, eliminating any financial barriers to access and allowing traders to benefit from its features at no cost.


Download the 4xPip Currency Strength Meter for MetaTrader 4 today and gain valuable insights into the Forex market. This free indicator helps you identify strong and weak currencies, facilitating better trading decisions. Take advantage of its benefits, such as improved trade selection, noise filtering, and multi-timeframe support, to enhance your trading strategy. Install the Currency Strength Meter now and experience its advantages firsthand.

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  • Instrument 1: Choose the first currency pair for display.
  • Instrument 2: Set the second currency pair for display.
  • Instrument 3: Choose the third currency pair for display.
  • Instrument 4: Adjust the fourth currency pair for display.
  • Instrument 1 Color: choose the color for the first currency pair.
  • Instrument 2 Color: Select the color for the second currency pair
  • Instrument 3 Color: Choose the color for the third currency pair
  • Instrument 4 Color: Set the color for the fourth currency pair
  • Indicator Period: Adjust period for indicator
  • Indicator Applied Price: Specify the price for the Currency Strength Meter according to your need.


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Q & A

How do I show all currency in MT4? Novah Thompson asked on May 19, 2024

To view all symbols in MetaTrader 4, first, locate the Market Watch window. Then, right-click within the window and select "Show All" to display all symbols.

Customer Support answered on May 19, 2024 store manager
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Does MT4 have a currency strength meter? Kai Walker asked on May 19, 2024

Developing a currency strength meter in MetaTrader 4 (MT4) entails assessing the relative strength of currencies through their price movements. Despite lacking a built-in currency strength meter, MT4 provides the necessary tools for creating one.

Customer Support answered on May 19, 2024 store manager
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How to download the currency strength indicator MT4? Emery Brown asked on May 9, 2024

To download the indicator, first download the archive file from 4xPip. Then, access the MetaTrader 4 data folder by navigating through File -> Open Data Folder. Once inside the data folder, proceed to open the MQL4 folder. Finally, copy all the folders from the downloaded archive directly into the MQL4 folder.

Customer Support answered on May 9, 2024 store manager
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How often is the Currency Strength data updated? Henry Jackson asked on May 9, 2024

The forex data on our site is monitored in real-time every minute, assessing currency strength. Any updates are reflected upon refreshing the page.

Customer Support answered on May 9, 2024 store manager
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How is the currency strength meter calculated? Isaac Davis asked on May 3, 2024

The indicator utilizes technical tools such as RSI to evaluate the price fluctuations of individual currencies across different currency pairs. Strength readings in technical currency strength meters stem from historical forex pair prices.

Customer Support answered on May 3, 2024 store manager
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