MT4 News Stopout EA – A Revolution in Forex Trading


How The News EA Can Help Forex Traders Avoid Losses During Market Volatility

As a forex trader, it can be challenging to stay profitable in the face of sudden market movements. Major forex news releases can cause significant price fluctuations, leading to potential losses for forex traders who are not adequately prepared. Fortunately, there’s a powerful forex trading tool available that can help you avoid these losses and keep your trading strategies profitable – The News EA.

The News EA is a powerful tool designed for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) traders that disables automated trading during high-impact news events. This feature helps traders avoid potential losses that may occur due to sudden market volatility during major forex news releases. By disabling automated trading during specified news release times, The News EA prevents trades from being executed during periods of high volatility. This feature ensures that your forex trading strategies remain profitable and your account balance is protected from sudden market movements.

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Benefits of Using The News Stopout EA:

  • Preventing Losses During Volatile Market Conditions – By disabling automated trading during news release times, The MT4 News EA prevents traders from opening new trades during sudden price movements. This helps prevent potential losses and keeps forex trading strategies profitable.
  • Customizable News Events – The MQL4 News EA allows traders to customize news events according to their needs. Users can select high, medium, or low-impact news events, ensuring that the EA (MQL4 Expert Advisor) only disables trading during events that are likely to cause significant market movements.
  • Push Notification System for News Release Times – The News EA includes an mt4 push notification system that alerts traders 30 minutes or 10 minutes before a news event.
  • Find or Ignore Specific News Events –  The MT4 News Stopout EA offers traders the ability to find or ignore specific news events using the Find keyword or Ignore keyword settings. Traders can use the Find keyword setting to identify and receive alerts for specific news events that are relevant to their trades. On the other hand, traders can use the Ignore keyword setting to exclude news events that are not relevant to their trades. 
  • Access to Latest Forex Market Data – The MQL4 News EA fetches data from the forex factory, providing traders with access to the latest forex news releases and market data. This ensures that traders are up-to-date on important market events that could impact their trades.
  • Improved Forex Trading Performance – By helping forex traders avoid potential losses during volatile market conditions, The News EA can improve trading performance over time.

 The functionality of The News Stopout EA 

  • Disabling Auto Trading During News Release Times – The News EA disables auto trading on your Metatrader 4 platform during news release times to prevent sudden market movements from triggering new trades. This feature helps prevent potential losses and ensures that trading strategies remain profitable. 
  • Enabling Auto Trading After News Release – Once a news event has passed, The News EA enables auto trading again. This ensures that traders can continue to execute trades with their mql4 auto trading robots, once market conditions have stabilized.
  • Fetching Data from Forex Factory – The News EA fetches data from the Forex factory to provide traders with the latest news releases and market data. This feature ensures that traders have access to up-to-date information that can help inform their trading decisions.
  • mt4-news-stopout-ea-a-evolution-in-forex-trading
  • Generating Alerts and MT4 Push Notifications Before News Events – The News EA generates alerts 30 minutes or 10 minutes before a news event to notify traders of upcoming market events. This feature allows traders to plan their trading strategies effectively and make informed decisions. (how to enable alerts? Link to our enable alerts blog)

  • Drawing Vertical Lines on the Chart – The News EA draws vertical lines on the chart to mark news release times. This feature makes it easier for forex traders to identify important market events and adjust their trading strategies accordingly.
  • Displaying All News Events on the Chart – The MQL4 News EA displays all news events on the chart, providing traders with a comprehensive view of important market events. This feature makes it easier for traders to stay informed about market conditions.

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MT4 News Stopout EA – A Revolution in Forex Trading


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