Worried about someone will steal your EA robot? and share on the Internet? Here is a solution


What is an EA Robot?

An EA robot, or Expert Advisor, is an automated trading program that helps traders execute trades based on their strategy. It’s a powerful tool for automated trading in forex, stocks, cryptos, and commodities. EAs are created with specialized coding languages, MQL4 for MT4 and MQL5 for MT5. These expert advisors help traders implement their trading strategies, including trend analysis, scalping, and news-driven trades. Additionally, 4xPip offers reliable EA robots for automatic trade opening based on user strategies. They have a variety of high-performing trading robots available for MT4 and MT5 marketplaces.

What happens if unlicensed users try to operate the EA?

When someone uses an EA robot without permission, the owner loses control over their work and potential profits. This is why it is crucial to protect your EA from copying. Without proper protection, online sharing may occur freely, and the owner may not receive compensation for their work on the EA. The owner may also miss out on potential profits if the thief uses the EA to make successful trades. Additionally, the owner’s reputation could be damaged if the stolen EA is used poorly or if the thief claims to be the EA’s creator. Essentially, the robot is freely available online, wasting the owner’s efforts as it is no longer their property.

How do traders steal MetaTrader EA?

Shield your MT4 EA from theft:

  • Sharing your licensed MT4 EA copy with unauthorized users can lead to widespread distribution and potential theft.
  • Ensure your MT4 EA’s licensing mechanism is powerful and not easily cracked. Consequently, this prevents unauthorized users from bypassing the licensing system and using your MT4 EA for free. 
  • Implement strong security measures for your website, email, and other online accounts to prevent unauthorized access and MT4 EA theft.
  • Watch out for emails or websites that try to trick you into giving them your passwords. These can be used to steal your MT4 EA files. 
  • Additionally, protect your laptop, database, and VPS server with appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access and MT4 EA theft.
  • Leaking your MT4 EA’s source code significantly increases the risk of theft. Protect your source code diligently and avoid sharing it with unauthorized individuals.

How to protect trading bot EA from unlicensed users?


Keeping your MetaTrader EA safe from unauthorized users is vital for preserving its value and integrity. Additionally, the advanced license management system from 4xPip offers traders complete protection and peace of mind. For traders seeking top-notch security, the 4xPip advanced license management system is the best choice. All financial traders highly recommend it. Moreover, with the 4xPip license management system, traders can restrict EA usage to specific account numbers. For instance, if you license your EA for three or four account numbers, it will only function on those authorized accounts. Unauthorized users will encounter an error message prompting them to obtain a genuine copy from the original developer.

How many users can be licensed to each EA robot?

Licensed EA robots offer a practical licensing model that allows limitless users. By establishing a licensing system, traders can turn their EAs into a revenue stream, typically by charging a monthly fee. The EA robot owner sets the license duration. Subsequently, after receiving payment, the owner can extend the license for multiple months. Furthermore, as the license approaches expiration, users receive a reminder to contact the original developer for renewal. This setup ensures recurring revenue for traders and underscores the importance of authorized and up-to-date EA usage.

Does it have an expiry date?

The 4xPip License system includes an automatic expiration feature, allowing the owner to control the duration of EA usage. For instance, if John buys the EA for a month, it will automatically stop working after a set period. Similarly, if Emily extends her access, the owner decides how long she can use it. When the license expires, users receive a notification asking them to contact the owner for renewal. The EA will only work once it is reactivated. This system ensures ongoing interaction and potential revenue streams for the owner.

What happens if a license is expired?
Once the license expires, the expert advisor robot stops working and tells users to contact the original owner for renewal. To keep using the EA and continue achieving success, users must renew their subscriptions. Additionally, this is crucial for maintaining the tool’s integrity and effectiveness.

Is it Crackable?
The license system uses strong encryption, making it impossible to crack. The keys are varied in length and include a mix of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Moreover, when we incorporate the license system into the EA, it’s done in a way that prevents decompilers from generating the original code. 
How to operate the 4xPip EA license system?
  1. Operating the EA License System:
  •  Access the License System: Visit the website and log in using your credentials. Customer Management:
  •  Click “Customers” to add, view, and manage customers.

     2.  Bot Management:

  • Click “Bots” to view details about each bot, including active, expired, and total users.  

     3. Subscription Management:

  • Click “Subscriptions” to manage subscriptions.
  • Copy the license key from the subscription and send it to the respective customer.
  • Edit or delete subscriptions as needed.

     4. Customer Error Messages:

  • Furthermore, customers will receive an error message prompting them to contact you if their bot license has expired or they attempt to use an unauthorized account number.

How to proceed?

4xPip’s License System is the ultimate solution for securing and enhancing your trading experience on both MT4 and MT5 platforms. We’re dedicated to your success and provide support for any questions or challenges you encounter. Additionally, our encrypted key protects your EAs from tampering and ensures their safe operation. Choose our advanced system to safeguard your strategies and elevate your trading to new levels. Don’t miss out! Partner with the experts by clicking the link below. Let our dedicated team guide you every step of the way to your enhanced trading future.

Click here to download MT4 and MT5 License Systems:

MT4 License system


MT5 License system


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Worried about someone will steal your EA robot? and share on the Internet? Here is a solution


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