United’s Airbus Move Amid Boeing Woes


United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby has initiated talks with Airbus for additional A321neo jets, considering Boeing’s 737 MAX 10 delays. The aim is to address uncertainties around a separate order for larger A350s, potentially leading to a mutually beneficial agreement. Kirby’s visit to Toulouse followed an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9 mid-air emergency, prompting reassessment.

According to industry insiders, discussions cover potential A321neo purchases and the status of United’s existing A350 order, though no deal is guaranteed at this early stage. Both Airbus and United Airlines refrained from commenting on the ongoing talks. Kirby’s trip to Toulouse adds another layer to Boeing’s challenges, already grappling with safety concerns and production issues.

Despite United not canceling its 277 MAX 10 orders, Kirby acknowledged their removal from internal plans, leaving a gap in their fleet strategy. Meanwhile, Airbus reportedly explores buying back A321neo positions to present a proposal to United. This potential deal raises concerns at Boeing, which is unable to provide clarity due to certification uncertainties. The MAX crisis and market dynamics are expected to be key topics at an aviation financiers’ meeting in Dublin.

United’s urgent need for planes, exacerbated by Boeing’s challenges, highlights the evolving landscape of the aircraft market. While talks with Airbus are ongoing, the MAX crisis underscores the delicate nature of the aviation industry’s duopoly. As discussions progress, the outcome will significantly impact both United’s fleet composition and the broader competitive dynamics between Boeing and Airbus.


United Airlines’ exploration of Airbus options amid Boeing’s challenges highlights the evolving dynamics in the aviation industry. As uncertainties persist, industry stakeholders closely monitor developments.


Why is United considering Airbus amid Boeing delays?

United seeks alternatives due to Boeing’s 737 MAX 10 delays, aiming to address fleet gaps and uncertainties.

What prompted United’s CEO to visit Airbus in Toulouse?

An Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9 mid-air emergency raised concerns, leading to CEO Scott Kirby’s exploratory visit.

Are there guarantees of a deal between United and Airbus?

Discussions are in early stages, and no guarantees exist regarding the potential purchase of A321neo jets.

How does this impact the broader aircraft market dynamics?

The ongoing crisis adds complexity, influencing the delicate balance between Boeing and Airbus in the market.






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United’s Airbus Move Amid Boeing Woes


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