Most powerful license system for trading bots MT4 MT5


What is the Forex License System?

The Forex License System MT4 ensures that only authorized persons can use specialized forex trading software, also known as Expert Advisors (EAs). Upon acquiring this tool from you, each purchaser receives a unique license. Consequently, the EA will function solely for their designated account numbers and cannot be employed by those who have not purchase it. This mechanism effectively prevents unauthorized access and misuse. Implementing such measures, the Forex license system is pivotal in fostering trust and maintaining security within the Forex trading community. It assures traders that their tools and investments are protected against potential threats or hackers.

Why do traders use a license system to protect EA?


Traders use an MT4 EA License System to protect their Expert Advisors (EAs) for several important reasons:

  • Stopping Unauthorized Use: The license system prevents people from using the secure  EA without permission. Someone using it without a license will get an error message. It helps to protect the EA from being used by people who haven’t paid for it.
  • Making Money: Traders can sell their EAs to other people. This is a way for them to make money from their work. The license system makes it possible to track who has bought the EA and who hasn’t.
  • Keeping the EA Safe: EAs can be valuable tools, and traders want to ensure they are not stolen or misused. Therefore, the license system helps keep EAs safe by making it difficult for people to copy or share them without permission.

Introducing the most powerful license system for trading bots MT4 MT5:


Protecting your MetaTrader EA (Expert Advisor) from unauthorized users is crucial to shield your trading strategies and maintain the integrity of your investments. With 4xPip’s advanced license system, your trading tools are protected against unauthorized access, and only authorized users can access them.

Moreover, 4xPip’s license system operates like a vigilant security guard, meticulously monitoring access to your MetaTrader trading tools. This license system grants access solely to designated account numbers that you have specified, effectively preventing unauthorized individuals from exploiting your EAs.

For instance, if you have granted access to three or four specific account numbers, your EAs will function only on those designated accounts. However, any attempt to use your EAs from unauthorized accounts will trigger a prompt error message informing the user that they require a valid license to proceed.

In essence, 4xPip’s license system serves as a watchful gatekeeper, safeguarding your valuable EAs and ensuring that only authorized individuals can reap the rewards of your trading strategies. 4xPip’s license system is the intelligent choice for any trader who values security and prioritizes the integrity of their trading strategies.



4xPip’s license system empowers traders to track their customers’ activity, providing a clear picture of EA usage patterns. Moreover, traders can access a list of customers with details such as account numbers, contact information, country, Email, Telegram, and more. This feature serves as a valuable window into your customer base, facilitating the identification of potential issues

Additionally, right from the beginning, 4xPip’s license system furnishes traders with a comprehensive list of customers, complete with their details. Thus, it enhances visibility and empowers traders to efficiently manage customer access.

Additionally, users can add a new customer easily through the ‘+ Add Customer’ button. They can submit the customer’s name, and the rest of the fields are optional. The users can subscribe any customer to any bot. Once a license has been made user can share a license key to the customer. Customers can use license key to operate their Expert Advisor.
4xPip’s license system is not only effective but also user-friendly. Similar to having a helpful assistant, it streamlines customer management and ensures EA protection.

Trading Bots MT4 MT5 :

Traders can easily view all their bots by clicking on the bot icon. The 4xPip license system provides a user-friendly dashboard that displays the number of active users for each bot. Additionally, it informs traders about expired and active user access. The 4xPip license system provides a detailed report card for each bot.

The system also tracks the history of each bot, allowing traders to view full user history, including the number of active users, expired user access, and total users. This feature resembles an organized record room, simplifying record-keeping.


Additionally, the 4xPip license system streamlines client management for traders, enabling them to easily enroll new clients and grant access to specific bots, along with setting expiry dates.


Enrolling New Clients:

  • The “Subscribe” button allows traders to grant clients access to a specific bot and set the access duration.
  • Monitoring Client Subscriptions
  • Additionally, the “Subscription” button provides a consolidated view of all clients, allowing traders to quickly identify active users and those with expired access.
  • The interface displays customer names, assigned bots, account details, and access expiry dates.

This tool streamlines bot access management for traders.

Expiry date:


The 4xPip MetaTrader Security license system empowers traders to effortlessly manage expiry dates for their Expert Advisors (EAs). Traders can set expiry dates that align with their terms and charge users accordingly. If a user chooses to extend their access, traders can adjust the expiry date accordingly. However, upon reaching the expiry date, the EA will cease functioning for that user, prompting them with an error message and encouraging them to contact the creator for renewal.

License renew:


The 4xPip license system proactively sends reminders to users approaching their expiry dates. These gentle messages not only highlight the value of the Expert Advisor (EA) and the benefits users have experienced but also, upon reaching the expiry date, prompt users to contact the original creator for renewal options.


  • Protect Your Login Credentials: Never share your 4xPip portal login details with anyone to maintain account security and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Shield Your Source Code: Keep your MQL file containing the source code of your Expert Advisor (EA) private. Whereas, do not share it with your customers to safeguard your intellectual property.
  • Utilize MQL5 File Protector: Always compile your EA using the MQL5 file protector to encrypt the code and protect it from unauthorized modification or decompilation.
  • Seek Support: In case of any issues or concerns, promptly reach out to 4xPip’s customer support team [email protected] for assistance.

How to proceed?

MT4 License System for Trading Bots


MT5 License System for Trading Bots


Discover the unparalleled benefits of 4xPip’s License System, designed to provide seamless compatibility with both MT4 and MT5 platforms. We’re committed to helping you succeed on your trading journey, so feel free to ask any questions. Use our advanced licensing system to protect your priceless trading techniques and advance your trading knowledge. Furthermore, take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to partner with industry experts. Take a transformative trading journey by clicking the link. Our dedicated 4xPip team is looking forward to guiding you every step of the way. Indeed, with 4xPip, you can trade securely and enhanced.

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Most powerful license system for trading bots MT4 MT5


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