Last-Minute Updates Boost Chances for Bitcoin ETFs


As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, the anticipation for the approval of Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) in the U.S. has reached a fever pitch. In the midst of these developments, traders are turning to advanced tools and expert advisors to navigate the markets successfully. Websites like 4xPip, offering cutting-edge tools and EAs for trading, play a crucial role in empowering investors with the right resources. (For tools and EAs, you can visit 4xPip or contact them at [email protected].)

Finalizing S-1 Filings:

Investment management firms, stock exchanges, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) engaged in discussions on Friday regarding final wording changes on filings for spot Bitcoin ETFs. Multiple issuers anticipate receiving the green light for their S-1 filings by late Tuesday or Wednesday, marking a pivotal moment for the crypto investment landscape.

SEC’s Request for “Minor” Changes:

The SEC sought minor adjustments during the discussions, with some asset managers expected to disclose additional details such as fees or the identities of market-makers for their ETFs. Issuers must submit these updates by 8 a.m. ET on Monday, with potential public disclosure on the same day, adding an element of transparency to the approval process.

19b-4 Filings:

Regulators have been actively collaborating with exchanges to finalize 19b-4 filings, outlining rule changes necessary for the launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs. Late Friday saw the submission of revisions to 11 of these filings, underscoring the meticulous regulatory scrutiny applied to this groundbreaking financial product.

Jan. 10 Decision for Ark/21Shares ETF:

With multiple asset managers eagerly awaiting SEC approval, the looming deadline of Jan. 10 becomes crucial. The decision could pave the way for a new era in cryptocurrency investment.

Unusual Request:

In an unusual move, the SEC has requested issuers aiming to launch next week to prepare written requests for the regulator to accelerate the effective date for their ETFs. This deviation from the norm underscores the urgency and significance attached to the impending decision, potentially streamlining the launch process.

SEC Commissioners’ Vote:

Bloomberg reports suggest that SEC commissioners are poised to vote on the 19b-4 rule changes next week, with insiders indicating a likely vote on Wednesday. The outcome of this vote will determine the fate of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the U.S., shaping the future landscape of cryptocurrency investment.


As the cryptocurrency community eagerly awaits the SEC’s decision on spot Bitcoin ETFs, the recent discussions and regulatory movements indicate a potential breakthrough in the coming week. The collaborative efforts between issuers, exchanges, and regulators, coupled with the unexpected requests from the SEC, add a layer of complexity and anticipation to this landmark moment in the world of crypto investment.For traders seeking to optimize their strategies in this dynamic environment, tools and EAs from 4xPip Promotion offer a valuable resource. Contact them at [email protected] for insights into how these tools can enhance your trading experience.


What is an S-1 filing, and why is it crucial for Bitcoin ETF approval?

S-1 filings are prospectus documents that ETFs must submit for SEC approval. The discussions around finalizing these filings indicate progress toward the approval of Bitcoin ETFs.

Why did the SEC request “minor” changes, and what could these changes entail?

The SEC sought additional details, such as fees and market-maker identities, to enhance transparency. These changes aim to address potential concerns and ensure a more informed decision-making process.

What is the significance of the Jan. 10 deadline for the Ark/21Shares ETF?

Jan. 10 marks the date by which the SEC must make a decision on the Ark/21Shares ETF. The outcome could set a precedent for the approval of other spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Why is the SEC’s request for issuers to accelerate the effective date considered unusual?

The SEC’s request for issuers to expedite the effective date underscores the urgency surrounding Bitcoin ETF approvals. This deviation from the norm indicates a heightened focus on the imminent decision’s impact on the cryptocurrency market.

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Last-Minute Updates Boost Chances for Bitcoin ETFs


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