Introduction to DX Trade


MyFundedFX and DXtrade have teamed up to improve trading and broker services. Additionally, DX Trade, MyFundedFX’s newest platform, offers better tools and support to make trading more successful. Moreover, let’s take a closer look at DX Trade’s features, benefits, and special discounts for all traders.

DXtrade Is Introduced by MyFundedFX:

MyFundedFX, a well-known brand in proprietary trading, has launched DX Trade, a significant milestone. Additionally, this new feature is expected to increase trading capital and expand drawdown limits, providing traders with a more stable trading environment. DX Trade is designed to equip traders with tools and support for long-term profitability. Moreover, the company prioritizes building trust and assisting each trader within a vibrant community.

To celebrate the debut of DX Trade, MyFundedFX is offering all clients a special discount. Traders can use the coupon code “DX30” to save 30% on any challenges using the DX platform. Furthermore, this discount is not a one-time promotion and can be used multiple times. The exclusive deal runs through the end of February, giving consumers large time to explore the benefits of the DX platform.

This discount reflects MyFundedFX’s commitment to providing clients with the best possible trading experience.

What is DXTrade?


DXTrade is a simple and user-friendly trading platform. It’s designed to make trading easy and smooth. The platform has useful features like customizable charts for detailed analysis, quick order execution, and a flexible interface that you can personalize. If you have questions or need help with DXTrade, just ask or contact us at [email protected].

Powerful Multi-tool:

Customize your platform to fit your trading style with ease. DXtrade is a versatile tool designed to adapt to your preferences. With over 100 symbols offered by FTMO, it’s an excellent platform for handling trades in various asset classes like Forex, Indices, Metals, and more. Customize multi-screen layouts for maximum profit.

DX Exchange is a place where you can trade regular money for cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies. You can buy or trade these currencies:

DX Exchange Products:


  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • British Pound (GBP)
  • Japanese Yen (JPY)
  • US Dollar (USD)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

Besides that, you can also trade stocks using special tokens. DX Exchange plans to let you trade at least 10 types of stocks from big companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix, and Nvidia using these special tokens.

Important things to know about DX Exchange:

  1. DX Exchange is different from many other digital asset exchanges because it’s regulated. It has a license from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit, allowing it to exchange cryptocurrencies for regular money and provide cryptocurrency wallet services.
  2. DX Exchange lets you buy cryptocurrencies directly with regular money, which not all exchanges offer.
  3. It’s one of the few exchanges worldwide authorized to use Nasdaq matching engine technology. This is a big deal because Nasdaq is a well-known and trusted technology provider.
  4. DX Exchange has unique fee plans. Investors can choose between a membership fee or a fee based on their trading volume. It gives users flexibility in how they want to pay fees.

Comparison Between DX Trade and MetaTrader:

Advantages of DX Trade

1. User-friendly Interface

2.      DXtrade is known for being a user-friendly platform, making it easier for beginners to navigate.

3.      Core Functionalities

4.      It offers core trading features like charting, technical indicators, and order management without overwhelming users with too much options.

5.      Mobile App Availability

6.      The DXtrade CFD mobile app allows traders to monitor their portfolios, access charts, and even trade on the go, providing flexibility.

7.      Streamlined Workflow

8.      By focusing on core functionalities, DXtrade might offer a more streamlined workflow for some traders who don’t need detailed customization options

9.      Modern Platform

10.  As a newer platform, DXtrade might benefit from a modern design and potentially more responsive features compared to some other platforms.

Limitations of DX Trade

1.      Limited Customization

2.      DXtrade might offer a more limited selection of built-in tools and features for advanced customization. This could restrict your ability to customize the platform to your specific trading strategies.

3.      Newer Platform with Less Observation

4.      As a newer platform, DXtrade might not have the same level of testing and user feedback. This could mean encountering unseen bugs or limitations.

5.      Smaller Community and Resources

6.      The newness of DXtrade translates to a smaller online community and potentially fewer learning resources available. This could make it harder to find troubleshooting help or advanced strategies.

7.      Limited Broker Availability

8.      Not all forex and CFD brokers offer DXtrade. You might have a smaller pool of brokers to choose from.

9.      Focus on Forex and CFDs

10.  While DXtrade offers various asset classes, it appears primarily designed for forex and CFD trading. If you trade stocks, options, or other instruments, it might not be as useful as platforms built for those asset classes.


Advantages of MetaTrader

Detailed Customization

MetaTrader is known for its deep level of customization.

Large Library of Third-Party Tools

Thanks to MetaTrader’s popularity, a large and active community has developed a vast library of downloadable content.

Large and Active Community

MetaTrader has a massive user base, leading to a wealth of online resources and support.

Multi-Asset Support

MetaTrader is used by brokers to offer trading on a wide range of financial instruments.

Established Platform with Reliability

MetaTrader has been around for a long time and is known for its stability and reliability.

Limitations of MetaTrader

Steeper Learning Curve

MetaTrader has a lot of fancy features and choices, but it can be confusing for newbies. Learning how to use it is harder than a simpler platform like DXtrade

Security Concerns

While MetaTrader use encryption, some users report concerns about the platform’s vulnerability to external hacks or malware, especially with custom indicators or Expert Advisors downloaded from third-party sources

Limited Customer Support

MetaTrader itself doesn’t provide direct customer support. Reliance falls on your broker’s support team for platform-specific issues.

Costs for Additional Features

While the core platform is free, some advanced features or custom indicators might require additional purchase or subscription fees.

Version Incompatibility

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are separate platforms with some key differences. Your broker might offer one version or the other, and tools or indicators built for one version might not work on the other








In short, MyFundedFX and DXtrade joined forces to create DX Trade, a simple and user-friendly platform for trading and broker services. It has powerful features supported by MyFundedFX’s dedication to long-term profit and community help. Plus, there’s a special launch discount to make this new trading platform even more attractive.


What is DX Trade, and how does it enhance broker services?

MyFundedFX introduced the user-friendly platform DX Trade to enhance broker services, enabling direct trading and expanding drawdown limits.

How does DX Trade contribute to long-term profitability for traders?

DX Trade equips traders with essential tools and support, prioritizing long-term profitability within a community-driven atmosphere.

What special discount is offered to celebrate the launch of DX Trade?

To celebrate the debut, MyFundedFX provides a 30% discount on challenges using the DX platform with the code “DX30,” available for multiple uses until the end of February.

What makes DXTrade a powerful multi-tool for traders?

DXTrade offers a versatile platform with customizable charts, quick order execution, and a flexible interface, accommodating various asset classes for maximum profit.

Which cryptocurrencies and stocks can be traded on DX Exchange?

DX Exchange facilitates trading in popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. Additionally, users can trade tokens representing stocks from major companies like Amazon and Apple.

How is DX Exchange different from other digital asset exchanges?

The Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit has granted DX Exchange a license, and it has authorization to utilize Nasdaq matching engine technology, distinguishing itself with its regulatory status.

What unique fee plans does DX Exchange offer to investors?

Investors on DX Exchange can choose between a membership fee or a fee based on their trading volume, providing flexibility in fee payment.

Why is DX Exchange considered a regulated platform?

DX Exchange holds a license from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit, allowing it to exchange cryptocurrencies for regular money and offer cryptocurrency wallet services.

What sets DX Exchange apart with its use of Nasdaq matching engine technology?

Nasdaq has authorized DX Exchange to use its matching engine technology, thereby enhancing the trading platform’s credibility and reliability.


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Introduction to DX Trade


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