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TradingView is liked by traders because it’s easy to use and has a powerful scripting language called Pinescript for analyzing charts. But it does not offer auto-trading feature, That’s why a lot of traders migrate from TradingView to MetaTrader 5 (MT5) because it’s reliable and has lots of features and it also allow traders to do auto-trading. Switching from Pinescript to MT5 can be tough because their scripting languages are different. Luckily, hiring someone who knows MQL5, the language for MT5, can help make this transition smooth by converting your scripts from TradingView to MT5. 4xPip offers to convert TradingView strategies into trading robots (EA) compatible with various platforms. We have the Best MQL5 Programmers for EA and Custom Bot Programming. These Programmers will help traders based on their trading objective that is whether they want to convert pinescript into EA and Indicators, convert strategies into EAs. For further questions, contact us at [email protected] or telegram: .

The Importance of Hiring an MQL5 Programmer:


Converting Pinescript to MQL5 requires a deep understanding of both scripting languages and their respective platforms. While some traders may attempt to perform the conversion themselves, it often leads to errors or sub optimal performance due to the complexities involved. Hiring an experienced MQL5 programmer can streamline the conversion process and ensure the translated code functions seamlessly on the MT5 platform. A skilled programmer can accurately translate Pinescript indicators, strategies, and alerts into their MQL5 equivalents, taking into account any differences in syntax or functionality. Moreover, an MQL5 programmer can optimize the code for efficiency and performance, ensuring smooth execution in live trading environments.

If you are thinking of migrating from TradingView to MT5 and convert your TradingView pinescript into EAs and Indicators. we have highly skilled and talented MQL5 programmers who can make your TradingView strategies run automatically. We offer Conversion of TradingView scripts to MetaTrader 5. We’ve been doing this for 7 years, served 900 customers, completed 1500 projects in 80 countries, and have a 5-star rating on Fiverr, Upwork, and Trustpilot.

Finding the Right MQL5 Programmer:

When hiring an MQL5 programmer to convert Pinescript to MT5, it’s essential to choose someone with expertise and experience in both languages. Look for programmers who have a proven track record of successfully converting trading strategies between TradingView and MT5. Additionally, consider their level of communication and responsiveness, as clear communication is vital for ensuring the project’s success.. Before finalizing your decision, be sure to review their portfolio, testimonials, and pricing structure to ensure they align with your requirements and budget.

Hiring the right programmer is crucial for a successful conversion. Here are some key factors to consider:

MQL5 Expertise:

Look for programmers with a proven track record in developing MT5 EAs and custom indicators. Experience in converting Pinescript to MQL5 is a definite bonus.

Trading Knowledge:

While in-depth trading expertise might not be mandatory, a programmer who understands basic trading concepts can better grasp your strategy’s intent and translate it accurately.

Communication Skills:

Clear and concise communication is essential. Ensure the programmer can understand your requirements clearly and explain the technical aspects of the conversion in a way you comprehend.

Portfolio and Reviews:

Ask for the programmer’s portfolio showcasing their previous work on MT5 development. Additionally, check online reviews or freelance platform ratings to gauge their reputation.

We have Best MQL5 programmers with excellent MQL5 expertise, have in-depth trading knowledge and understands basic trading concepts. They can convert your TradingView scripts into MT5 with such precision and accuracy. We have 7 years of experience, 900 customers and 1500 projects delivered across 80 countries with 5 STAR Excellent rating on Fiverr, Upwork and Trustpilot.

Potential Challenges and Considerations:


While the conversion process itself might seem straightforward, there are potential challenges to keep in mind. Simple indicators are easier to convert than complex strategies with intricate logic and custom functions. Be prepared to communicate your strategy clearly and discuss its feasibility for conversion.

Certain functionalities available in Pine Script might not have direct equivalents in MQL5. The programmer might need to implement workarounds or develop custom solutions. Once converted, the EA in MT5 needs thorough testing on historical data and forward testing (simulated live trading) to ensure it performs as expected. 4xPip can help by turning your TradingView script into trading robots for MT5. We have Best MQL5 programmers who can convert your Pinescript code into the MQL5. For further questions, contact us at [email protected] or telegram:

Limitations of TradingView:

Traders need auto-trading robot which can manage trades with full focus while they can rest, work, and enjoy. Unfortunately, TradingView does not provide auto-trading like the one provided by MetaTrader. The TradingView only offers scripts and manual indicators due to which the traders can miss many trading signals/opportunities. 

Benefits of Moving from TradingView to MT5:

Moving from TradingView to MetaTrader 5 (MT5) has some clear benefits in simple terms. Firstly, MT5 offers more advanced tools for testing your trading strategies, helping you make smarter decisions about your investments. Secondly, MT5 provides better automation features through Expert Advisors (EAs), which can save you time and effort by automatically executing trades based on predefined rules. Additionally, MT5 offers faster execution speeds, ensuring that your trades are executed quickly, especially during busy market times. Moreover, with MT5, you have access to a wider range of technical indicators, giving you more options for analyzing the market and finding profitable opportunities. Lastly, MT5’s larger and more established community means you have access to more resources, support, and trading ideas, helping you improve your trading skills and stay ahead in the market. Overall, making the switch from TradingView to MT5 can enhance your trading experience and potentially improve your investment outcomes.

Auto-trading Bots – The New Way of Trading:

Auto-trading bots are like your personal assistants in the world of trading. They’re computer programs designed to automatically execute trades for you based on predefined rules and strategies. Imagine having a robot that watches the markets for you 24/7 and makes trades whenever it sees an opportunity. These bots can analyze huge amounts of data in seconds, which is something humans can’t do as fast. They follow your instructions to the letter, so you can sit back and relax while they do the heavy lifting. It’s like having a super-smart friend who knows all about trading and never gets tired. Auto-trading bots are becoming really popular because they take the emotion out of trading and can execute trades much faster than humans. Plus, they can work even when you’re asleep or busy doing other things, which is pretty handy!


We have 7 years of experience, 900 customers, and 1500 projects delivered across 80 countries and have built MQL Expert Advisors which are as follows

  • Forex Scanner: Dashboard Scanner for MT4 | Market Scanner
  • Forex Trade Manager EA
  • License System for Trading Bots
  • EA to send Signal Alerts to Telegram channel
  • Best Martingale Strategy Forex EA| Grid Trading
  • Forex News (EA) Expert Advisor for | Economic Calendar
  • Trailing Stop EA
  • BreakEven EA
  • EA Moving Average Crossover
  • EA Stochastic
  • EA Rsi
  • EA Bollinger Band
  • EA Drawdown Limiter
  • Addition of Alerts to your EA indicator MT5
  • Auto Risk-Based Lot for EA


Transitioning from TradingView’s Pinescript to MetaTrader 5 (MT5) for auto-trading requires expertise in both scripting languages. Hiring an experienced MQL5 programmer can facilitate this conversion process smoothly. These programmers possess a deep understanding of both languages and platforms, ensuring accurate translation and optimization of scripts. Key factors in choosing the right programmer include their MQL5 expertise, trading knowledge, communication skills, and reputation through portfolios and reviews. While the conversion process may have challenges, clear communication and thorough testing can help overcome them, resulting in a functional and reliable automated trading solution on MT5. 4xPip offers Best MQL5 programmering services. For further questions, contact us at [email protected] or telegram: .


What is the significance of hiring an MQL5 programmer for converting Pinescript to MT5?

Hiring an MQL5 programmer is crucial as they possess the expertise to effectively translate Pinescript indicators, strategies, and alerts into their MQL5 equivalents, ensuring a smooth transition to the MT5 platform.

Can I perform the conversion from Pinescript to MQL5 myself?

While it’s possible, attempting the conversion yourself may lead to errors or suboptimal performance due to the complexities involved. Hiring an experienced MQL5 programmer ensures a more accurate and efficient conversion process.

What factors should I consider when hiring an MQL5 programmer?

Factors to consider include their expertise in MQL5 development, understanding of trading concepts, communication skills, portfolio showcasing previous work, and reviews from past clients.

How can I ensure clear communication with the MQL5 programmer?

Clear and concise communication is essential for the success of the conversion process. Ensure the programmer understands your requirements and can explain technical aspects in a way you comprehend.

Are there any challenges in converting Pinescript to MQL5?

Yes, there are potential challenges, especially with complex strategies and custom functions. Some functionalities available in Pinescript may not have direct equivalents in MQL5, requiring the programmer to implement workarounds or custom solutions.

How long does the conversion process typically take?

The duration of the conversion process depends on the complexity of the script. Simple indicators may be converted relatively quickly, while complex strategies may take more time.

Is historical data testing necessary after the conversion?

Thorough testing on historical and forward data is crucial to verify the EA before live trading.

Can the MQL5 programmer optimize the code for performance?

Yes, experienced MQL5 programmers can optimize the code for efficiency and performance, ensuring smooth execution in live trading environments.

Do I need to provide detailed documentation of my TradingView script?

Yes, providing detailed documentation of your TradingView script is crucial for the MQL5 programmer to accurately translate it into MT5. Clear communication of your strategy’s intent is essential for a successful conversion.

What if my TradingView script includes custom functions or indicators?

The MQL5 programmer will assess TradingView script compatibility with MT5, possibly creating custom solutions for replicating custom functions.

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Convert Pinescript to MT5 | TradingView to MT5


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