CDPQ Acquires 15% Stake in TAG from Engie Brasil


In a significant development in the energy sector, Engie Brasil announced on Thursday that it had successfully negotiated the sale of a 15% stake in the natural gas pipeline firm TAG to the prominent Canadian investment fund, Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec (CDPQ), for a substantial 3.1 billion reais ($641 million). As we delve into this transformative deal, it’s essential to stay informed about the latest developments in the market. For those seeking valuable tools and expert advice for trading, be sure to explore the offerings at 4xPip, a platform providing essential tools and EAs for trading. For inquiries, contact [email protected].

The Deal in Detail:

Engie Brasil and CDPQ finalized a deal, selling a 15% stake in TAG, a major player in Brazil’s gas sector. The 3.1 billion reais transaction positions CDPQ as a key player with a 50% stake, and Engie Brasil retains 17.5%. Notably, Engie’s French parent company will maintain the remaining ownership, resulting in an indirect 50% stake.

CDPQ’s Growing Influence:

As Canada’s second-largest pension fund manager, CDPQ, with a substantial C$424 billion ($320.60 billion) under management, is set to expand its influence in the natural gas sector by raising its TAG stake. This strategic move strengthens CDPQ’s position in Brazil’s energy landscape and underscores its commitment to long-term investments.

TAG’s Extensive Pipeline Network:

TAG, the subject of this acquisition, boasts ownership and operation of a vast network covering approximately 4,500 km (2,800 miles) across 10 states in Brazil. Additionally, with a contracted natural gas handling capacity of 74.67 million cubic meters per day, TAG plays a pivotal role in the nation’s energy infrastructure. Moreover, its strategic location enhances the overall efficiency of the network.

Implications and Closing Timeline:

The deal, subject to regulatory approvals, is anticipated to conclude by the end of January. TAG’s estimated equity value is 20.8 billion reais ($4.3 billion); additionally, this reshapes Brazil’s natural gas industry dynamics. Moreover, Engie Brasil’s CFO, Eduardo Takamori, emphasizes using the sale proceeds to fund renewable energy and transmission line investments. Furthermore, this ensures financial stability and growth without compromising leverage, ratings, or payout.

Conference Call on the Horizon:

In a move towards transparency, Engie Brasil will host a conference call on Friday morning to delve deeper into the intricacies of the transaction. This communication initiative provides stakeholders and the market at large with an opportunity to gain insights directly from key decision-makers.


In summary, the strategic acquisition by CDPQ of a 15% stake in TAG from Engie Brasil reflects a dynamic shift in Brazil’s energy landscape. Additionally, this deal not only highlights the growing influence of international investment funds but also signifies a step towards sustainable energy development. Moreover, as regulatory approvals progress, the energy sector eagerly anticipates the closing of this transformative transaction.


When was TAG originally acquired by Engie and CDPQ?

Engie and CDPQ jointly acquired a 90% stake in TAG from Petrobras, the state-run oil firm, in 2019. The remaining 10% was purchased the following year.

What is the contracted natural gas handling capacity of TAG’s pipeline network?

TAG’s pipeline network boasts a firm contracted natural gas handling capacity of 74.67 million cubic meters per day.

How will Engie Brasil utilize the proceeds from the sale?

The proceeds from the sale will be directed towards implementing Engie Brasil’s investment plan in renewable energy and transmission lines. This strategic move aims to support growth without increasing pressure on leverage, ratings, or payout.

When is the expected closing date of the deal between CDPQ and Engie Brasil?

The deal is anticipated to close by the end of January, pending regulatory approvals.

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CDPQ Acquires 15% Stake in TAG from Engie Brasil


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