Apple’s China Struggles: 2024 Challenges


Apple is having a tough time in China, an important market for them. In the last three months of the year, their sales dropped by almost 13% to $20.8 billion. People in China are being careful with their money, and Apple is facing tough competition, especially from Huawei. Will Wong, a manager at IDC, points out two main issues hurting Apple: people not spending much and Huawei’s strong competition. Wong thinks that Apple won’t see an increase in iPhone sales in China in 2024 because Huawei is still a big competitor and people are more into advanced tech like AI and foldable phones.

Huawei made a strong comeback with the Mate 60, which has 5G. This is surprising because U.S. sanctions in 2019 and 2020 really hurt their business. Now, they’re doing well in the premium market and winning back people who switched to Apple when Huawei didn’t have 5G. In the last quarter of 2023, Huawei is back in the top five smartphone makers in China, and this could be tough competition for Apple.

Xiaomi and Oppo, along with Huawei, now offer affordable high-end phones, challenging Apple. This pressures Apple’s older models and new series’ base models. Due to economic challenges, Chinese consumers may prefer these cheaper high-end phones. Josh Koren, founder of Musketeer Capital Partners, notes economic effects on consumers’ willingness to pay more for smartphones.

In China, Apple is known as a fancy brand, but it’s losing appeal, especially with Gen Z. Competitors adopt cool features, while Apple’s conservative approach raises doubts about its phone innovation. Doug Clinton from Deepwater stresses how vital innovation is for Apple’s brand.

Geopolitical issues impact Apple in China. Bloomberg reports a ban on foreign devices in government and state-backed firms. This complicates Apple’s challenges in China’s complex geopolitical landscape.


Apple confronts a multifaceted challenge in China, encompassing competition, consumer sentiment, innovation perception, and geopolitical considerations. Navigating these challenges will require strategic decisions and adaptability to the dynamic Chinese market. For more insights and guidance on addressing these challenges, consider reaching out to 4xPip’s experts at [email protected]. They offer valuable information and tools for traders and investors in the stock market, cryptocurrency, and forex trading.


Why did Apple’s sales drop in China?

Apple faced challenges due to cautious consumer sentiment and intense competition, particularly from Huawei.

What factors hindered Apple in Q4 2023?

Two key factors were cautious consumer spending and strong competition, notably from Huawei’s Mate 60.

How is Huawei impacting Apple’s market share?

Huawei’s resurgence in the premium market, driven by the Mate 60 and 5G connectivity, poses a significant threat.

Why is Apple’s brand losing appeal in China?

Economic effects, competition from innovating brands, and a perceived lack of innovation contribute to Apple’s challenges.





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Apple’s China Struggles: 2024 Challenges


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