4xPip offers Programming of MetaTrader indicators MQL4


Do you ever find yourself wanting to improve your trading experience? Perhaps the built-in indicators on your MetaTrader platform just don’t quite match with your strategy. Or maybe you have a unique trading idea that requires a custom indicator but lack the programming knowledge to bring it to life. If this sounds familiar or you can relate to any of this then 4xPip is the perfect solution for you. 4xPip specializes in programming custom MetaTrader indicators using MQL4, the platform’s dedicated programming language. We offer the Best MQL4 Programmers, These Programmers will help traders based on their trading objective that is whether

  • They want to turn a manual strategy into an EA
  • Build EA based on built-in indicators
  • Make EA based on tradingview scripts
  • Make a trading bot from a YouTube video idea
  • Modify an existing EA, or convert indicators into an EA
  • Program money management
  • Risk management & testing of your EA

For further questions, contact us at [email protected] or telegram: https://t.me/pip_4x.

Understanding MetaTrader Indicators:

MetaTrader, developed by MetaQuotes Software, is one of the most popular trading platforms in the world of Forex trading. MetaTrader indicators are used to analyze price movements, identify trends, and predict future market behavior. These indicators can be either built-in or custom-made.

Built-in indicators come with the MetaTrader platform and include popular indicators like Moving Averages, Relative Strength Index (RSI), and MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence). While these are effective, custom indicators developed using MQL4 (MetaQuotes Language 4) offer traders the flexibility to customize their analysis to specific trading strategies.

Importance of Custom Indicators:


Custom indicators allow traders to integrate unique algorithms and calculations into their trading strategies. This customization can provide a competitive edge by allowing traders to spot opportunities that standard indicators or built in indicators might overlook. For instance, a custom indicator can be designed to combine different technical analysis methods or to generate alerts based on complex conditions.

At 4xPip, we recognize the significance of personalized trading strategies. Our custom MetaTrader indicators are designed to match with your trading goals, whether you’re focused on scalping, swing trading, or trend following. By taking advantage of customized indicators, traders can optimize their decision-making processes and improve overall trading performance.

Benefits of MQL4 Programming:


MQL4 is a powerful scripting language specifically designed for MetaTrader indicators and Expert Advisors (EAs). Here are some key advantages of using MQL4 for indicator

Programming: High Performance: MQL4 is optimized for rapid execution, ensuring indicators run efficiently even on lower-end devices.

Flexible: MQL4 offers extensive libraries and functions, allowing developers to create complex indicators with ease.

Integration: Custom indicators developed in MQL4 seamlessly integrate with the MetaTrader platform, providing a familiar interface for traders.

Benefits of Programming of MetaTrader indicators MQL4 from 4xPip:

We have best experienced and talented MQL4 Programmers who can help you in programming custom MQL4 bots and EAs

Unmatched Expertise: 4xpip boasts a team of highly experienced programmers, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability in your custom indicators and Expert Advisors (EAs). Our proven track record translates to effective algorithmic strategies changed to your specific needs.

Optimized and Efficient Code: 4xpip prioritizes clean, modular, and efficient code. This not only guarantees functionality but also enhances readability and maintainability. Well-structured code allows for easier future modifications and ensures smooth operation of your MQL4 programs.

Backtesting Capabilities: We understand the importance of backtesting and offer the ability to test your custom EAs on historical data, allowing you to evaluate performance and optimize parameters before deploying them in live markets.

Universal Applicability: 4xPip’s MQL4 Indicators and EAs are designed for versatility.  Our indicators and EAs can be applied across various currency pairs and timeframes, providing flexibility to adapt to your preferred trading style and market conditions.

Collaborative Client Engagement: 4xpip prioritizes client communication.  Our programmers hold meetings to understand your trading approach, risk tolerance, and target markets. This collaborative approach ensures the custom solution aligns perfectly with your trading goals.

Free License Systems: 4xpip’s programmers offer license free systems

Timely Delivery: We emphasizes on-time delivery, making sure you receive your custom MQL4 program within the agreed-upon timeframe. This allows you to implement your trading strategy without delays.

Affordable Rates: 4xpip offers affordable pricing for their MQL4 programming services. This makes custom solutions accessible to a wider range of traders, allowing you to improve your trading experience without breaking the bank.

Lifetime Bug-Free Guarantee: 4xpip’s offers bug-free guarantee. Which means that the code will be bug free and there will be no bugs and such issues in the custom bots and EAs. This shows the level of expertise of 4xpip’s programmers.


We have 7 years of experience, 900 customers and 1500 projects delivered across 80 countries and have built MQL4 Expert Advisors which are as following

  • Forex Scanner: Dashboard Scanner for MT4 | Market Scanner
  • Forex Trade Manager MT4 EA
  • MT4 License System for Trading bots
  • MT4 EA to send Signal Alerts to Telegram channel
  • Best Martingale Strategy Forex EA MT4 | Grid Trading
  • Forex News (EA) Expert Advisor for MT4 | Economic Calendar
  • MT4 Trailing Stop EA
  • MT4 BreakEven EA
  • MT4 EA Moving Average Crossover
  • MT4 EA Stochastic
  • MT4 EA Rsi
  • MT4 EA Bollinger Band
  • MT4 EA Drawdown Limiter
  • Addition of Alerts to your EA indicator MT5
  • Auto Risk-Based Lot for MT4 EA


4xPip specializes in programming custom MetaTrader indicators using MQL4, catering to traders’ specific needs and strategies. With a team of experienced programmers, they offer services ranging from converting manual strategies into EAs to developing bots based on unique ideas. Custom indicators provide traders with the flexibility to tailor their analysis, potentially offering a competitive edge. Using MQL4 ensures high performance, flexibility, and seamless integration with MetaTrader, while 4xPip’s services emphasize optimized code, backtesting capabilities, collaborative client engagement, and timely delivery at affordable rates, backed by a bug-free guarantee.


What services does your company offer?

We offer programming services for MetaTrader indicators and Expert Advisors (EAs), including converting manual strategies into EAs, developing bots from unique ideas, and modifying existing EAs.

How can custom MetaTrader indicators benefit my trading strategy?

Custom indicators allow for tailored analysis, potentially spotting opportunities overlooked by standard indicators, thus enhancing your trading performance.

What is MQL4, and why is it important?

MQL4 is a scripting language for MetaTrader, optimized for rapid execution and offering extensive libraries for creating complex indicators and EAs, ensuring efficient performance and seamless integration.

What is the significance of backtesting, and do you provide this service?

Backtesting allows you to evaluate EA performance on historical data before live deployment. Yes, we provide backtesting capabilities to optimize parameters and assess performance.

How do you ensure the reliability of your programming services?

We boast a team of highly experienced programmers, prioritize clean and efficient code, engage in collaborative client communication, and offer a bug-free guarantee.

Can your indicators and EAs be used across different currency pairs and timeframes?

Yes, our solutions are designed for versatility and can adapt to various currency pairs and timeframes, accommodating different trading styles and market conditions.

What is the turnaround time for delivering custom MQL4 programs?

We emphasize on-time delivery and ensure you receive your custom program within the agreed-upon timeframe, allowing you to implement your trading strategy promptly.  

Are your programming services affordable?

Yes, we offer affordable pricing for our MQL4 programming services, making custom solutions accessible to a wider range of traders.

Can I request modifications to my custom indicators or EAs in the future?

Absolutely, we provide well-structured code that allows for easier modifications, ensuring smooth operation and adaptability to changing needs.  

How many projects have you completed, and in how many countries do you operate?

Over the past 7 years, we’ve completed 1500 projects for 900 customers across 80 countries, showcasing our extensive experience and global reach.

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4xPip offers Programming of MetaTrader indicators MQL4


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