4xPip offers Automation of Manual Strategy into Auto Trading Bots EA


To trade in the rapidly changing forex market, you need discipline, skill, and a lot of time. Manual trading can give big rewards, but it requires constant watching and can be influenced by emotions. Automated trading, also known as algorithmic trading, helps with this. Instead of manually making trades, which takes a lot of time and can lead to mistakes, traders use automated trading bots. These bots, also called Expert Advisors (EAs), follow preset rules to make trades automatically. This means traders don’t have to keep an eye on the market all the time. 4xPip offers MQL programmers that can help you based on your trading objective that is whether you

  • Want to turn a Manual Strategy into an EA,
  • Make a robot from a YouTube video idea,
  • Modify an existing EA,
  • Convert indicators into an EA.

It makes forex trading easier and more efficient. For further questions, contact us at [email protected] or telegram: https://t.me/pip_4x.

What is an Expert Advisor?


An Expert Advisor is like a smart robot designed to help with online trading. It works automatically on a trading website. Instead of you making trades, the Expert Advisor does it for you. This can be helpful because it takes away emotions, which can make trading hard.

EAs are programmed to continuously monitor the market based on pre-defined parameters and technical indicators such as price movements, volume levels, and various technical analysis signals. Upon receiving market data, the EA can detect potential trading opportunities that align with the trader’s predefined strategy. This includes signals to buy or sell currency pairs when specific price targets are met or technical indicators trigger buy/sell signals.

Unlike manual trading, where decisions are made and executed by the trader, EAs can automatically execute trades based on identified opportunities. This involves placing buy or sell orders, setting stop-loss and take-profit levels, and potentially managing open positions.

Benefits of Automation with 4xPip:


Automating manual trading strategies with 4xPip offers a multitude of benefits for traders:

In-Depth Strategy Analysis:

The 4xPip team doesn’t just convert code; We analyze your strategy for potential weaknesses or areas for optimization. This ensures your EA is built upon a solid foundation and has the potential to deliver consistent results.

Emotion-Free Trading

By removing human emotions from the equation, automated systems can stick to the predefined strategy without reacting to fear or greed.

Identifying Trading Opportunities

Based on the market data it receives, the EA can identify potential trading opportunities that align with the trader’s predefined strategy. This could involve signals to buy or sell a currency pair when certain price targets are reached or specific technical indicators trigger buy/sell signals.

Backtesting and Optimization

4xPip provides detailed backtesting tools that allow traders to evaluate the performance of their automated strategies under various market conditions. This enables refinement and optimization for better results.

Benefits of Turning Indicators into Auto Trading Bots EA from 4xPip:

We have best experienced and talented Programmers who can help you to convert your indicator into auto trading bots EAs.

Unmatched Expertise:

4xpip boasts a team of highly experienced programmers, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability in your custom indicators and Expert Advisors (EAs). Our proven track record translates to effective algorithmic strategies changed to your specific needs.

Optimized and Efficient Code:

4xpip offers clean and efficient code. This not only guarantees functionality but also enhances readability and maintainability. Well-structured code allows for easier future modifications and ensures smooth operation of your MQL4 programs.

Backtesting Capabilities:

We understand the importance of backtesting and offer the ability to test your custom EAs on historical data, allowing you to evaluate performance and optimize parameters before deploying them in live markets.

Universal Applicability:

4xPip’s Indicators and EAs are designed for versatility.  Our indicators and EAs can be applied across various currency pairs and timeframes, providing flexibility to adapt to your preferred trading style and market conditions.

Multiple Revisions:

We offer multiple reviews for clients. To solve their issues related to MQL indicators, Scripts, and code. If they have any issue our programmers hold back-to-back meetings with them on any desk and Zoom to solve all of their problems and issues.

Client Engagement:

4xpip prioritizes client communication.  Our programmers hold meetings to understand your trading approach, risk tolerance, and target markets. This collaborative approach ensures the custom solution aligns perfectly with your trading goals.

Free License Systems:

4xpip’s programmers offer license-free systems

Timely Delivery:

We emphasize on-time delivery, making sure you receive your custom MQL program within the agreed-upon timeframe. This allows you to implement your trading strategy without delays.

Affordable Rates:

4xpip offers affordable pricing for their MQL programming services. This makes custom solutions accessible to a wider range of traders, allowing you to improve your trading experience without breaking the bank.

Lifetime Bug-Free Guarantee:

4xpip’s offers a bug-free guarantee. This means that the code will be bug-free and there will be no bugs and such issues in the custom bots and EAs. This shows the level of expertise of 4xpip’s programmers.


We have 7 years of experience, 900 customers, and 1500 projects delivered across 80 countries and have built MQL Expert Advisors which are as follows

  • Forex Scanner: Dashboard Scanner for MT4 | Market Scanner
  • Forex Trade Manager EA
  • License System for Trading Bots
  • EA to send Signal Alerts to Telegram channel
  • Best Martingale Strategy Forex EA| Grid Trading
  • Forex News (EA) Expert Advisor for | Economic Calendar
  • Trailing Stop EA
  • BreakEven EA
  • EA Moving Average Crossover
  • EA Stochastic
  • EA Rsi
  • EA Bollinger Band
  • EA Drawdown Limiter
  • Addition of Alerts to your EA indicator MT5
  • Auto Risk-Based Lot for EA


Automated trading, facilitated by Expert Advisors (EAs), offers traders efficiency, emotional detachment, and the ability to identify trading opportunities based on predefined strategies. 4xPip provides services to Automate Manual Trading Strategies, convert ideas into EAs, modify existing EAs, and convert indicators into EAs. We have seven years of experience, worked with 900 customers, and delivered 1500 projects across 80 countries. The benefits include faster execution, emotion-free trading, continuous monitoring, and tools for backtesting and optimization. If you have any more questions, contact us at [email protected] or telegram: https://t.me/pip_4x.


What is an Expert Advisor?

An Expert Advisor is a software program designed to automatically execute trades in the forex market based on predefined rules and strategies.

How do Expert Advisors work?

Expert Advisors continuously monitor market data and execute trades according to programmed parameters, removing the need for manual intervention.

Can Expert Advisors replace manual trading entirely?

While Expert Advisors can automate trading processes, they still require initial setup and monitoring by the trader to ensure they align with their trading objectives.

How can automated trading benefit me?

Automated trading can offer efficiency, emotional detachment, 24/7 monitoring, and the ability to identify trading opportunities even when you’re not actively monitoring the market.

Can Expert Advisors adapt to changing market conditions?

Expert Advisors can be programmed to adapt to certain market conditions, but they may require periodic adjustments by the trader to remain effective in dynamic markets.

Are there risks involved in using Expert Advisors?

Like any trading strategy, there are risks associated with using Expert Advisors, including technical failures, market volatility, and potential programming errors.

Do I need programming skills to use Expert Advisors?

While programming skills can be beneficial for customizing Expert Advisors, many platforms offer user-friendly interfaces for setting up and deploying automated trading strategies.

Can Expert Advisors guarantee profits?

No trading strategy, including automated ones, can guarantee profits. Market conditions are unpredictable, and losses are always a possibility.

How do I know if an Expert Advisor is right for my trading style?

Before using an Expert Advisor, it’s important to thoroughly backtest and evaluate its performance to ensure it aligns with your risk tolerance and trading objectives.

Can I use multiple Expert Advisors simultaneously?

Yes, it’s possible to use multiple Expert Advisors simultaneously, but it’s essential to ensure they are compatible with each other and don’t conflict in their trading strategies.

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4xPip offers Automation of Manual Strategy into Auto Trading Bots EA


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